Thursday, October 6, 2022

Sage Steele off Air Over Controversial Comments & Positive Covid Test⁠

Sage Steele (with mic) - Getty
Sage Steele – Getty

*ESPN’s #SageSteele will be taking a break from her usual duties after she made some controversial comments.⁠

The #SportsCenter anchor appeared on a third-party podcast where she made comments about Barack Obama’s racial background, ESPN’s coronavirus policy, and even suggested that certain female journalists face harassment because of their clothing choices.⁠

According to reports, ESPN Management in Bristol, Conn. was not too happy about her latest comments on the “Uncut With Jay Cutler” podcast.

“At ESPN, we embrace different points of view — dialogue and discussion make this place great. That said, we expect that those points of view be expressed respectfully, in a manner consistent with our values, and in line with our internal policies,” the sports-media outlet stated. “We are having direct conversations with Sage, and those conversations will remain private.”⁠

During the podcast, Steel expressed how “sick” Disney’s requirements were that most employees get vaccinated while noting that she “did not” want the shot, but she did. She also spoke about how surprised she was when she found out that Obama identified as a black man

Steele also issued her own statement provided to Fox News by ESPN apologizing for her remarks.

“I know my recent comments created controversy for the company, and I apologize. We are in the midst of an extremely challenging time that impacts all of us, and it’s more critical than ever that we communicate constructively and thoughtfully,” Steele said

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