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Dr. Dre Didn’t Meet Son Curtis Until He Was Age 20

Dr Dre son curtis
Dr Dre’s son curtis

*Back in 2015, Dr. Dre’s eldest son Curtis Young got candid about not meeting his famous father until he was age 20.

Curtis, now 39 years old, is Dre’s son from his high school girlfriend, Cassandra Green. At age 12, Curtis learned who his real father was, but it wasn’t until age 15 that he began to attempt to meet the hip-hop mogul. That moment would finally come 5 years later. 

Speaking to XXL, Curtis Young explained: “I started trying to meet him and hiring lawyers, whatever I could do. It was rough. It was really hard to finally get the DNA test and meet him.”

Once the paternity test confirmed Dre is his father, the two ultimately met in person.

“The first time I met my father was at the Sky Bar. We did a DNA test,” recalled Curtis. “I called his attorney Howard King and got in touch with him and told Dre what was up and we took a DNA test. That’s when we found out I was his son.”

The process took an emotional toll on Curtis.  

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“You’re going through all this and you’re trying to find yourself, that’s a whole different period I went through,” he said. “I was like, ‘I just want to be just like him [Dr. Dre]. I’m going to wear khakis and I’m going to be a gangster.’ It just really wasn’t me. I grew up in Compton, not that I’m no punk or anything, but I never had that in me. Everybody knew me and I was cool. I was the ladies man. Something that I had to grow into was just being Curtis Young. Curtis Young is a grown and sexy vibe, just talking about the life stories that I’ve been through. I had it rough. It’s not your average story.”

Today, Curtis is a rapper and producer, who also owns a high-end cannabis brick & mortar store in Canada, perI Love Old School Music.

Earlier this year we reported that Curtis is set to star opposite Swizz Beatz’s son Nasir Dean, and Snoop Dogg’s son Julian Broadus in the coming-of-age drama titled “Charge It to the Game”.

Per AceShowbiz, about the project, Curtis told the outlet, “This is my first movie and I wanted to get into acting… I always loved the art.” He added, “It’s just an art form I’ve always loved.”

“I’m playing a role, Kong, which is a gentleman named Hardtime – it’s Julian Broadus, which is Snoop’s son – I’m playing his older brother,” he explained. “So, I’ve been reading the script, just preparing, getting motivated, behind it and getting engaged with it.”

Curtis, who raps under the name Hood Surgeon, will also help score for the film.

“I was asked and I’m honored to score the film and I believe they just yesterday announced that note,” he shared. “Swizz Beatz’s son is gonna be scoring it with me, so I’m just honored to have this opportunity.”

Curtis’ previously spoke out about his father recovering from the brain aneurysm he suffered earlier this year. Speaking about Dre’s health status, he spilled, “My pops is healing. He appreciates me for what I’m doing and doing on my own… It’s been a while since I had an opportunity like this to really step out of that shadow, but at the same time show respect and understand that people came before me.”

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