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Trailer Drops For Antoine Fuqua’s ‘The Guilty’ Starring Jake Gyllenhaal [WATCH]
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*Netflix has dropped the trailer for Antoine Fuqua’s upcoming film, “The Guilty” starring  Jake Gyllenhaal. 

Deadline writes of the plot: The movie takes place in real time during the course of a morning where Gyllenhaal’s bitter and deflated police officer Joe Bayler, now relegated to a somewhat mundane task of fielding various calls, finds himself in a race against time to save a distressed caller (Riley Keough) riding in a car in which she is being abducted even as she seems to be pretending to be phoning her own young daughter. As wildfires are also raging on screens on the wall of the Los Angeles emergency call center, Bayler tries to keep the lines open and track her movements even as his own past psychological state and personal demons come into play all in the course of trying to save this woman.

Watch the trailer below.

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“The Guilty” is directed and produced by Fuqua and is the American remake of the 2018 Danish thriller by the same name. 

When asked why he wanted to explore an American version, Gyllenhaal  told Deadline:

Well, I’d seen it right out of Sundance 2018, and as soon as I saw it, I don’t know exactly. I couldn’t tell you why necessarily, but sometimes, you just have these feelings in your bones, and I just felt like it needed to be transposed into an American context. I just felt immediately like it spoke to a lot of things that I love about, or that I’ve loved recently about storytelling I found myself in the midst of. I spent the past year before this worldwide pandemic onstage, and I was doing a monologue, you know, that was Off Broadway, and then, it went to Broadway, and then, I think something about the nature of those things that are unsaid, our perception, our using our imagination in cinema, and how far can you push that.

I just was so seduced by that idea, and I love that form of storytelling where you can just subtract three quarters of what we’re used to because we’re an audience that’s so used to seeing and being told everything, and I just thought that is such an interesting way of storytelling. But I also thought putting this in the American context would be really interesting, too. So, I spent two years sort of bouncing it around and developing it, and then, eventually, when we were in the midst of the pandemic early on, and everybody was looking for movies to make that were contained, this happened to fit the bill, and so, I sent it to Antoine, and within a day, he said he read it, and he said he wanted to do it.

Gyllenhaal also serves as a producer on the film.

“The Guilty” hits select theaters Sept. 24 and Netflix Oct. 1.

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