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Ryan Reynolds Talks ‘New Guy’ Film and More – EUR Exclusive | WATCH

FREE GUY - Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds as Guy in 20th Century Studios’ ‘Free Guy.’ Courtesy of 20th Century Studios. © 2021 20th Century Studios. All Rights Reserved.

*Ryan Reynolds is one of the most prolific comedic actors working in Hollywood today. From “Deadpool” and beyond, Reynolds’ acumen for on-screen comedic timing is second to none.

Recently, Monique Loveless chatted with Ryan regarding his new movie “Free Guy,” which also stars Lil’ Rel Howery, who we also interviewed and who Ryan spoke highly of.  (Scroll down to watch the interview for the full context.)

“I think it’s always a challenge when you’re trying to bring a completely original, large-scale blockbuster film to audiences that isn’t based on a comic book or isn’t based on an idea that pre-exists or is universally known going in,” said Reynolds. “It’s always a challenge because they’re increasingly rare. Making movies like “Free Guy,” once you get something right in a movie there’s always a challenge to make it 30 percent better than it is. If it’s already perfect, then we gotta go an extra 30 percent better to make it extra special.

“The movie is just littered with ‘easter eggs,’ tiny surprises and secrets,” he continued. “The movie is incredibly detailed and, at the end of the day is meant to be an absolute fastball of joy and just be so fun.”

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Reynolds on the impetus for the film:
It was kind of made as a reaction to everything that’s been going on. Movies, at their best, can be a form of escapism and gives us a break from it all. That’s what “Free Guy” is.

Reynolds on the possibility of a sequel:
“I don’t know if Disney’s already talking about this, but it’s just so nice making a movie that’s JUST a movie. Does everything have to be a sequel? But sometimes I understand it, too. Because sometimes there’s more gas in the tank. But if there was a sequel, I would want to see a new adventure of Buddy, Lil’ Rel Howery’s character, and Guy.  I love Lil’ Rel’s character and what he brought to the table. So, I’d love to see something with those two guys.”

Free Guy” opens in theaters today, Friday, August 13. Stay tuned to EURweb for additional coverage.

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