Friday, September 17, 2021

Kim Kardashian Receives Cease and Desist Letter from Cydnie Lunsford’s SKKN+ Skincare

Cydnie Lunsford
Cydnie Lunsford / Photo Credit: CydnieEMedia

*New York, NY— In response to the news that Kim Kardashian’s Kimsaprincess Inc. is launching her new SKKN and SKKN BY KIM lines, Cydnie Lunsford, a 28-year-old entrepreneur/aesthetician of Beauty Concepts LLC and owner of the  SKKN+ brand (@skknplus), has decided to publicize the unauthorized use of her brand name.

Cydnie Lunsford’s SKKN+ was established in July 2018 in Washington, DC, and since then has expanded to New York City. For the past three years, Lunsford has been consistently building her SKKN+ brand name by posting SKKN+ content and developing her clientele. SKKN+ was born out of Lunsford’s deep commitment and appreciation for the body aesthetic.

“I have painstakingly built my successful small business with my own sweat equity, hard work, and research,” says Lunsford. “It’s clear that I established my brand first. As a young black woman, my mission with SKKN+ is to provide quality skincare and curated full body experiences to enhance each client’s self-care regimen. The (+) represents a hands-on transformative aesthetic experience that elevates the body, mind, and spirit.”

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Cydnie Lunsford SKKN+ logoErik M. Pelton, founder and lead attorney at Erik M. Pelton & Associates, PLLC, of Falls Church, VA, emphasizes: “It is hard to believe that Kardashian’s team either did not know about the prior use of SKKN+ or knew and adopted the SKKN brand name anyways to steamroll a small minority business. Ms. Lunsford established her business in 2018 and earlier this year, filed an application (Serial No. 90608147) to protect the SKKN+ brand name in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office prior to any U.S. trademark filings by Kim Kardashian’s business. We contacted her lawyers as soon as possible after learning about the launch seeking to protect my client’s brand, demanding that they cease plans to launch the SKNN brand.”

  • Click HERE for Redacted Legal Cease-and-Desist

For more information, please click onto Cydnie Lunsford’s  SKKN+ Instagram page ( @skknplus).
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