Friday, August 12, 2022

Chicago Public Schools to Pass Out Condoms to Elementary Kids

*Conservative advocacy groups are outraged that Chicago Public Schools will be offering condoms to elementary schoolers as young as a fifth grade at the start of the school year next month. 

Here’s more from the Chicago Sun-Times:

Under the CPS policy, schools that teach fifth grade and up must maintain a condom availability program as part of an expanded vision of sexual health education. That means all but a dozen, which enroll only younger grades, of the more than 600 CPS schools will have condoms.

Menstruation products will also be made available as the result of a new policy passed by the CPS Board of Education in December.

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“Children at 11 need a parent intervention, not a piece of latex,” said Maryanne Mosaz, a representative from Ascend, a Washington D.C.-based organization with a mission to empower youth globally to avoid potential risks of sexual activity, per The Christian Post. “Some people think that children should be able to sexually explore, but children are not cognitively, emotionally or physically ready to handle these kinds of acts.”

Family Research Council, another Washington-based social conservative organization, told CP that children should not be encouraged to engage in sexual activity.

“Children at 10 or 11 should not be sexually active and any policy that would reinforce such an idea is depraved and benefits those who would seek to sexually exploit children,” said Meg Kilgannon, FRC’s senior fellow for education studies. “Children do not have a ‘right’ to have sex. Children are not sex objects and can never meaningfully consent to sexual acts. Adults cannot claim these false ‘rights’ for children.”

“Family Research Council opposes exposing children to explicit material, encouraging children in any way to have sex or commit sexual acts, and creating a hypersexualized culture that will certainly have damaging long-term consequences for children,” agreed Mary Szoch, director of FRC’s Center for Life and Human Dignity.

“The average age that teens initiate sex is around 17 and that number hasn’t really changed in years,” Dr. David Bell, associate professor at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, told CBS News. “The percentage of youths having early sex initiation before 13 has been decreasing for more than a decade.” 

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