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Chrissy Teigen Whines About ‘Cancel Club’ and Her Mental Health Amid Bullying Controversy

Chrissy Teigen

*Chrissy Teigen has hit up social media to whine about the cancel culture movement after her brand was nearly annihilated following her bullying scandal. 

To recap, last month, the former model issued an apology after Bloomingdale’s canceled a promotional deal with the cookbook author “at the 11th hour because of her explosive cyberbullying scandal,” with Courtney Stodden, Page Six reported. Macy’s also dropped Teigen’s “Cravings by Chrissy” cookware line from its website. The fallout began after Stodden, now 26, revealed that the former model encouraged her to kill herself in private Twitter messages when she was 16 years old.

Teigen also apologized in May, writing on Twitter, “Not a lot of people are lucky enough to be held accountable for all their past bulls–t in front of the entire world. I’m mortified and sad at who I used to be.”

She added, “I was an insecure, attention-seeking troll. I am ashamed and completely embarrassed at my behavior but that… is nothing compared to how I made Courtney feel.”

Teigen wrote a long Instagram post on Wednesday about her unhealthy mental state since multiple allegations of bullying surfaced in the past few months.

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“Iiiii don’t really know what to say here…just feels so weird to pretend nothing happened in this online world but feel like utter s—t in real life,” Teigen wrote alongside a photo of her legs propped up on a couch. “Going outside sucks and doesn’t feel right, being at home alone with my mind makes my depressed head race. But I do know that however I’m handling this now isn’t the right answer.”

The model went on to say she feels “lost” without the approal of strangers on social media, and she wants “to find my place again.”

“I need to snap out of this, I desperately wanna communicate with you guys instead of pretending everything is okay. I’m not used to any other way!!” the once very open celebrity expressed.

She continued, “Cancel club is a fascinating thing and I have learned a whollllle lot. Only a few understand it and it’s impossible to know til you’re in it. And it’s hard to talk about it in that sense because obviously you sound whiney when you’ve clearly done something wrong. It just sucks.”

“There is no winning. But there never is here anyhow,” the mom-of-two added.

One Twiter user responded to her rant with, “Chrissy Teigen guinea pig faceass has access to tons of sht, can travel anywhere in the world, rich ass friends, kids, a rich 4’8 hubby & allat & yet she’s having a meltdown cause internet strangers aren’t kissing her ass 24/7.”

In her message to fans this week, Teigen said she missed them, writing, ” I just needed an honest moment with you because I’m just…tired of being sick with myself all day.”

“I don’t even know if it’s good to say any of this because it’s gonna get brutally picked apart but I dunno. I can’t do this silent s—t anymore!” she said.

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