Saturday, May 21, 2022

LeBron James Confronts PA Announcer at Bronny’s Game for Suggesting He Gets Preferential Treatment (Watch)

lebron james confronts announcer
LeBron James confronts PA announcer at his son Bronny’s game (Ohio, July 3, 2021)

*LeBron James caused a scene at his son Bronny’s basketball game Saturday when he stopped the game to yell at the PA announcer for suggesting that the refs were going light on his son because his famous dad was in attendance.

The game was part of a three-day event called “The Battle: Summer Showcase” featuring high-level midwest teams and prospects. During the final minutes of Bronny’s game at his father’s alma mater Vincent-St. Mary’s High School, in Ohio – inside the LeBron James Arena – the Los Angeles Lakers superstar stopped the game and stepped to the PA announcer for suggesting that his son was getting preferential treatment from the refs.

With Bronny’s team Strive for Greatness losing to opponent Wildcat Select 67-62, the refs apparently called a foul that was favorable to Bronny. The viral video starts when LeBron stands up from his seat near the baseline to yell at the PA announcer who was sitting at midcourt. The livestream’s play-by-play announcer explained that James appeared to be taking offense to the PA announcer’s comment that Bronny “is gonna get those calls in [LeBron’s] gym.”

Words were exchanged, then James walked past a barrier and onto the court to confront the announcer face-to-face. Gameplay halted for a moment as James gave him an earful before returning to his seat.

Watch the incident below:




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