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Super Entertainment Entrepreneur Lindsay Guion Treats Global Film Festivals with Award-Winning ‘Therapy’

Lindsay Guion2*If the number of awards and honors that a film receives at national and international film festivals is indicative of the success the movie will achieve when it’s ultimately released to theaters or other film platforms, then the motion picture “Therapy” is on course to be a blockbuster. To date, “Therapy” has garnered 63 awards – and counting – at many of the world’s best and most respected film festivals. Yet, with so many prestigious awards and honors being racked up in record fashion since the film entered the film festival circuit in 2019, inquiring minds want to know what’s taking so long for the film to be released to the general public?

“We have not been able to release the film because we are still on the film festival circuit,” said Lindsay Guion, executive producer of “Therapy.” “We would be disqualified if we were to release the film while on the circuit.  We got pushed back an entire year because of the pandemic. So we decided to wait through 2021 and release ‘Therapy’ in 2022. That way, we can take full advantage of all the film festivals that we missed because of the pandemic.”

According to Mindy Rosario, producer of “Therapy,” the hot film has picked up top “international awards” at the Tokyo International Short Film Festival, European Cinematography Awards, European Independent Film Awards, Tehran International Cinefest, Cannes International Independent Film Festival, Canadian Cinematography Awards, and more. Nationally, the film has won top honors at the New York Awards (All Categories), Los Angeles Film Awards, San Francisco Black Film Festival, and others.

“We have won almost everything,” said Rosario, who also plays the role of the therapist in the movie.  “Our film has picked up awards and honors as “Best Producer,” “Best Short Film,” “Best Music Video,” “Best Production and Design,” “Best Cinematography,” and the list goes on and on. While we have been surprised by the number of awards that we’ve won, we are happy and excited because it means that our film is being viewed as excellent across broad categories of filmmaking.”

“Therapy” is described as a true story about two lovers. Their innocent romance methodically turns into obsession, heavily fueled by passion and conflict at every turn. Through a series of bad decisions and circumstances, an out-of-control rollercoaster ride of emotions drives the movie’s leading man to seek therapy.

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Lindsay Guion - 3-17-21 Therapy 61 Prestigious Awards One SheetThe film stars Barachy Lucien, who plays the role of Jonathan.  In real life, Barachy Lucien is known as “Barachi,” a rising R&B singing and songwriting star who specializes in music expressing romantic songs in ways rarely seen or heard by today’s music fans. Appearing opposite of Barachi in the film is actress Isadora Ortega, who plays Jada.  Like Barachi, Isadora is brilliantly convincing in the film.

While “Therapy” won’t be released until next year, the film’s original motion picture soundtrack is currently available on SPOTIFY and all streaming platforms. Besides the vocal acumen of Barachi, the soundtrack features Rick Ross, Trick Daddy, Trina, Zoey Dollaz, and Isaiah Sharkey.  In addition, a “Therapy visual album” is available.  It features the vocalizations of Barachi in a non-stop series of dramatic music videos that helps punctuate the essence of “Therapy.”

Besides being the executive producer of “Therapy,” Guion is the founder, chairman, and CEO of New York-based Guion Partners (GP), a cutting-edge conglomerate that works in empowering capacities with prominent clients in sports, entertainment, media, and technology. Guion also heads GMusic, which provides talent management services inclusive of recording, publicity, promotions, publishing, merchandising, tour support, booking, and marketing.  Under GMusic, Guion has managed such award-winning artists as D’Angelo, Ginuwine, and Mya. He exclusively represents Barachi.

Guion loves the music Barachi has released, some of which has helped create an enormous buzz about the movie, such as “Honey” and “Tell Me.”

“Our first single did very well,” said Guion, who has a strong partnership with Sony Music Entertainment (The Orchard) to power all music endeavors. “Our second single was a top-25 R&B song. A third single, ‘Yours,’ is coming out soon.  We expect it also to do very well.”

Although “Therapy” and its music are drawing raved reviews and awards, Guion has another reason to want the film to do well, especially in the African American community.

“There is this stigma that’s attached to African Americans about not getting therapy for mental health issues when they need it,” Guion explained. “So we want this movie to break that stigma in a very entertaining and powerful way.”

While the release of “Therapy” to the general public is still months away, Guion and Rosario are already talking about a Therapy 2, even a Therapy 3, all of which will constitute the “Therapy Franchise.” Yet, Guion and Rosario are looking at other ventures beyond “Therapy,” which is Guion’s third movie.  He also worked on the classic 1993 film “Posse,” starring Mario Van Peebles, and the 2015 HBO Movie “Bessie,” starring Queen Latifah.

“In 2023, we are doing a feature-length film on Bessie Smith and her husband Jack Gee,” said Rosario, who has worked in partnership on other projects with Guion for seven years. “We are also going to do a Broadway production of Bessie Smith.”

However, for now, the focus, said Guion, is ushering “Therapy” through the film festival circuit and be ready for the much-anticipated release of the film to the public on major platforms next year. Yet, Guion is not rushing anything.

“When you are independent, it’s not a sprint…it’s a marathon,” said Guion. “This started out to be just about the artist (Barachi), but once we realized that it was also about the movie “Therapy,” a powerful movement, we decided to take our time to build a strong foundation for the entire project, which includes the film, music, and merchandising.”

To learn more about the multiple award-winning film “Therapy” and view its video album, log on to To learn more about Lindsay Guion and Guion Partners, visit



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