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Meet Patrix and Patrica From TLC’s ‘Extreme Sisters’ / EURexclusiveWATCH

Patrix and Patricia - Extreme Sisters
Patrix and Patricia – Extreme Sisters

*With shows like90-day Fiancè,” “My 600-LB Life,” and “Sister Wives,” TLC is known to have series that showcase people’s lives outside of what is considered normal.

Now they are adding to that roster with “Extreme Sisters” – which follows five groups of sisters who take the word to the next level. Most of us with siblings know the feeling of wanting space and not wanting to share our things. But, these siblings are the complete opposite of that, and they don’t feel right if they are away from their sister for too long. 

Patrix and Patrica are 48-year-old twins that live in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA. Growing up Patrix was (and still is) very protective over her sister. Patricia was born with a birth defect that caused her fingers to stop growing. Growing up Patrix would protect her from bullies and also made sure she wasn’t left out of anything because of her defect. Aside from them being twins, Patrix being there for her sister heightened their relationship.  

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We sat down with Patrix and Patrice and from speaking with them for a short period of time, you can see how inseparable they are. They speak at the same time, their gestures are alike. It’s really something to watch. According, to the sisters they do everything together – eat after one another, they have the same past times, and go on dates together.  We played a game of “This or That” during our interview and they even think the same!  

We asked Patrica how her husband reacted to their bond. 

“My husband is a great guy so he never said too much to me. But, he will hint, it’s time for your sister to do something else,” shared Patrica.

Even though her husband is understanding about her closeness with Patrix, it’s still tough to nurture both relationships. “It’s a challenge but you have to learn to balance it out,” said Patrica.  

Watch these “Extreme Sisters” and their extreme relationship on TLC Sunday nights at 10/9c. 



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