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Kierra Sheard Dishes On Relationships & Memoir / EURexclusive | WATCH

*Gospel princess Kierra ‘Kiki’ Sheard Kelly sits down with radio and TV personality Jazmyn Summers about her new book “Big, Bold and Beautiful” which drops today (04-13-21) and her new deluxe album Kierra Deluxe.

In the book, Kierra reveals that she was cheated on numerous times.

“It happened over and over again”  I had to finally make the decision to not be a serial dater and ask myself why I kept attracting the same guy.  I learned how to be successfully single and once I released what was not for me, I bumped into my husband,” Kierra admitted.

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kierra hubby
Kierra Sheard Kelly and hubby Jordan Kelly with a family member

Now at 33, she is newly and happily married to Jordan Kelly, who she knew since childhood.  Their families were friends and they even went to the same church.   Jordan says he always liked her.

“I was cool with her brother. We always been cool. Then I went off to school. Then we came back and I kind of started stalking her a little bit. I used to sit behind her in Bible study, not say nothing to her, ” He told Erica Campbell on her “Get Up” radio show.

Kierra ignored him for years and finally took notice of this “handsome” dude and told his sister-in-law not to tell him but she was kinda feeling him. The sister-in-law immediately spilled the tea and messaged Jordan,  “Don’t say nothin’ but Kierra asked me what kind of girls do you like” and Jordan and Kierra have been loving on each other ever since.

Kiki tells that they get on each others nerves and argue over the clothes all over the floor but they learned that the key to marital bliss is “learning and growing at heart and being willing to listen.”

New book by Kierra Sheard Kelly, “Big Bold and Beautiful”

Her advice to the single ladies?  Well, she says:

“Live your life, do your thing, care for yourself, don’t wait for no man. Don’t think you’re not a cup a tea because you’re not someone’s cup of tea and don’t put yourself up for discount . Louis Vuitton does not go on sale and we all go in that store  and buy at full price. Just know that you will be bought at full price.”

Watch the full interview up top. She spills the tea about the new album, her music – she loves her some hip hop, her famous mom (Clark sister Karen Clark Sheard) and even demonstrates her singing chops for us.

jazmyn summers headshot
Jazmyn Summers

Interview/article by Jazmyn Summers. Follow her @jaztalk1 on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. Video editing by




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