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Monday LA Press Conference Set by Lisa Simpson: A Mother Ripped Off by BLM

*Lisa Simpson the mother of Richard Risher, who she says in 2016 was unjustly murdered by the LAPD, is calling for Melina Abdullah the leader of BLM Los Angeles to step down from leadership if she doesn’t honor her commitment and public pledge to help with financial costs the Simpson family has endured since the killing of her son (Richard Risher).

Simpson is holding a press conference on Monday, April 5 at 4pm in Los Angeles to detail her grievance. Scroll down for time/location of conference.

In a press release, Simpson reminds that Abdullah stated publicly on video that Black Lives Matter Los Angeles “would help the Simpson family financially after raising funds off the death of my son from concerned community members who donated to BLM Los Angeles.”

“I have not received one penny from Abdullah or BLM despite BLM Global Network reporting they have raised $90 million dollars in donations. Locally Abdullah and BLM have received over $3 million dollars in donations. I’m not begging Abdullah or BLM for money. I’m simply asking that she keep her financial commitment she made to my family after solicitation of funds using my sons name and other names of victims of police violence such as Ezell Ford, Michael Brown, and Tamir Rice,” says Simpson, who added:

“Abdullah has a long history of clout chasing and it’s a slap in the face and very disrespectful of Abdullah to infer that grieving mothers such as myself and Samaria Rice, the mother of 12 year old Tamir Rice who was unjustly killed by police on a Cleveland Ohio playground, are a disruption in the movement.

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Lisa Simpson - screenshot
Lisa Simpson – screenshot

“As Samaria Rice and Michael Brown Sr. have stated publicly, BLM and some activists have exploited the murder of their children for clout chasing, fame and financial luxury. Abdullah has raised over $3 million dollars in BLM LA donations off the life of my murdered son and others killed by police and in return she has refused in keeping her word to donate to my family. We are currently experiencing homelessness and it is just more trauma we’re dealing with.

“The Simpson family is calling for Abdullah to keep her verbal financial commitment to us or step down from leadership in BLM. We refuse to let Melina Abdullah, who in fact is biracial, to continue to exploit and capitalize off the death of Black people murdered unjustly by police,” stated Lisa Simpson, mother of Richard Risher who was killed by LAPD in 2017.

Press conference
Monday April 5, 2021
Time 4:00 pm
The intersection of Florence and Normandie.
South Los Angeles CA.
source: Lisa Simpson via Keyanna Salima




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