Thursday, December 2, 2021

Seattle-based Company Helps Small Businesses Create An Impactful Social Media Presence

*Creating and maintaining a powerful social media presence is critically essential for success in today’s competitive, complex and changing business environment.  Yet, for most small businesses or individual entrepreneurs, they don’t have large budgets to pay social media directors and teams to lead ongoing creations of eyepopping content and smart marketing strategies across popular social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and others.

Fortunately, for small businesses and lone entrepreneurs, there’s Ripl, a company that is revolutionizing how social media can be effective – not expensive.  Ripl, pronounced like “ripple,” gives small businesses the tools they need to effectively connect with both existing and potential clients/customers across all social media platforms.

“Ripl offers a simple app that can be used on mobile phones and laptops by small businesses and independent entrepreneurs, to look good on social media and help them stand out from the rest of the posts throughout all the feeds that we look at all day,” said Clay McDaniel, Ripl’s CEO. “It’s really a Swift Army knife for social media marketing and content creation.”

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Clay McDaniel
Clay McDaniel

According to McDaniel, Ripl’s app/software provides everything needed for businesses and independent entrepreneurs to manage their social media marketing.  Ripl, said McDaniel, offers thousands of ready-made templates to easily post videos, animation or static posts in minutes.  In addition, Ripl provides a stock library of more than 500,000 professional images and videos to choose from.   However, businesses and entrepreneurs have the option to create and use their own templates, logos, font preferences, videos and other images for their social media marketing.

“Ripl really does help small business owners and independent entrepreneurs stand out on social media channels,” McDaniel said. “Businesses can access and create new posts, edit drafts, and schedule to social channels and more – anytime, anywhere.”

While one would think that Ripl’s app/software tool is expensive, McDaniel said the cost is $14.99 per month, and when a business or independent entrepreneur signs up for the entire year, the cost is $119.99.  McDaniel points out that the use of the app is unlimited, and there is a  tremendous and responsive support team, ready to provide technical assistance to businesses and entrepreneurs using the app.

“We want to keep the cost low because we figure that you would be spending hundreds and thousands of dollars if you handed over the keys and reins of your social media account to someone else,” said McDaniel.  “What we want to give you for a low price is the ability to get unlimited numbers of social posts and have all the premium features associated with social media channels.”

McDaniel feels that because of the COVID-19 pandemic having an adverse effect on businesses and entrepreneurs, establishing and maintaining a strong social media presence based on the events of the time is paramount.

“There have been lots of changes to how businesses operate and market products and services, all coming in this last year because of the COVID-19 in our society,” McDaniel said.  “Now is the time to step up and move into a more pro-active approach through your social media and marketing because the changes are here to stay.  The more that you can do to make your product and service available to people through social media, the better it’s going to be for your business, now and in the future.”

The company’s website describes Ripl’s app, as “the social media marketing “secret weapon” for every small business.”  It also says, “whether you’re a solopreneur, side-hustler, small team, or real brick and mortar, Ripl is made for you.”  McDaniel said Ripl is currently serving more than     4.5 million businesses/entrepreneurs, 24/7, with a game-changing approach to equipping small businesses and independent entrepreneurs with a strong social media presence.

“Our app will always make sure that you have that consistent, great and professional-looking social media post frequency that puts the latest information out there in front of your followers, as soon as it’s available,” McDaniel explained.  “We’ve built a platform to empower small businesses to succeed on social media, without the need for dedicated staff or high expenses.  Our all-in-one app takes away all the worry, time, cost and headaches, to make sure that your social media presence is always top-notch.”

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