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Eric B. Shares #Throwback Photo in Response to Rental Car Claims in Wendy Williams Biopic

*Rapper Eric B has reacted to the depiction of his past relationship with Wendy Williams in the new Lifetime biopic. 

Eric B of Eric B & Rakim fame is portrayed by Jamall Johnson in the film. The movie highlights his tumultuous relationship with Williams and how she aborted his baby and had s series of miscarriages with her ex-husband, Kevin Hunter. The daytime talk show host recently admitted, “So, I never really knew Ra back in the day, I knew Eric B, intimately.”  

“A couple of very severe things happened to me while I was involved with Eric B, life lessons and you’ll see it because the movie’s a teachable moment. While it’s gonna be very dramatic, it’s a teachable moment,” Williams added. 

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Wendy Williams, Eric B

She previously spilled in 1999 on her radio show how Eric B cheated on her often, claiming he “did [her] dirty.”

“Of course he had other women… I was still on top of my game in the radio career,” she continued. “I was making decent money… It wasn’t like I was some scrub… I only took his pager number because that’s all he would give me, so obviously, he’s cheating… Although we used to have good times together and go out on some great dates and stuff, a lot of his visits were like after two o’clock in the morning. I would just accept it because the rappers in the studio… but I know that they use that a lot in terms of cheating.”

As depicted in the biopic, Eric B. allegedly didn’t have a car at the time of their relationship. This prompted Williams to rent cars for him in her name, which allegedly ruined her credit. 

Eric B. caught wind of his portrayal in the film and reacted in a post on Instagram on Sunday. He posted a #throwback photo of him standing in front of a Rolls-Royce along with the caption, “Damn, I need a rental.”

“To hilarious I laughed to well it made for great Tv,” he captioned the post. “But the truth is something different Try that!!!!!!!” Check out his IG post below.

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