Saturday, March 6, 2021

Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King Speaks on Health Crisis That Almost Took Her Out / WATCH

*For 40-plus years, R&B singing diva Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King has thrilled music lovers with her forever classic hits such as “Love Come Down,” “Shame,” “I’m in Love,” and many others.  While she loves singing and entertaining her fans around the world, in 2006, King had a health crisis that left her close to death. More accurately, it caused her to have to be resuscitated after she stopped breathing.

“I had a fibroid, which a lot of women and a lot of young girls need to keep up on,” said King about the medical crisis she endured in 2006. “You can have a fibroid that takes things away from you, and it took my life.  I had to be brought back, and if it weren’t for my husband being with me, I wouldn’t be here to speak on it.”

(She gives details about the incident in the above video.)

King is hopeful that her health experience will help other women learn more about fibroids that run higher in Black women than women of other ethnicities.

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Freddie Fox & Evelyn Champagne King - gettyimages-187482117-612x612
Freddie Fox & Evelyn Champagne King – gettyimages

And the husband that King refers to is guitarist Freddie Fox, who also is the legendary singer’s music director.  The two have been married for 31 years.  The couple’s only child passed at age two, from complications from being born with brain damage, along with other health issues. On top of all that, Evelyn has had to deal with losing her mother, father, and brother, who were all involved in helping her navigate her career since she came into the business as a neophyte at 16. Here’s what she told the LA Sentinel in 2011:

”I really don’t want to go into so much because it was so heavy, but I really loved my parents-my dad, my mom and my brother – who have all passed away,” said King. “And they’re all namesakes: My daughter, Johnniea Champagne King, was named after my mom, Johnniea. And, my brother who passed away, was named after my dad, Erick, so it’s Erick Sr. and Erick Jr. – gone. They were on the road with me (along with two other siblings) and (even today) it feels like they are on the stage with me, so I know they are there. But, it’s an awkward feeling because you’re getting in the business so young. You’re a little naive to what’s going on. You’re just there, really to just go out there and shine so much for just everyone else that is backing you instead of yourself because you don’t get to see what you worked hard for. Yeah, I was taken for a ride for a while, but I’m still here.”

Wow. What a story/testimony. Through the ups and downs of her life, King continues to draw fans wherever she performs.  While the COVID-19 has halted live performances, like with most recording artists, as soon as possible, King will again dazzle her worldwide fans. God Bless you, Evelyn “Champagne” King.



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