Wednesday, June 23, 2021

This Black Capitol Rioter is STILL IN JAIL While His White Co-horts Are on House Arrest!

*All we can say at this point is boy, you done effed up … big time!! We’re referring to Emanuel Jackson, the Black DC-area man that government prosecutors say repeatedly struck Capitol Police officers with a metal baseball bat. He will remain in custody pending trial.

Yeah, this nitwit/idiot/fool was among the rioters at the US Capitol on January 6. And as you can see, his dumb-azz is still in jail, while most of the white hooligans are getting fed organic food, are on house arrest, or free on bail.

In other words, as theYBF noted, this Black Trump supporter “is about to learn a lesson in AmeriKKKan history.”

Federal Magistrate Judge Michael Harvey called the charges against Jackson “very serious,” adding that Jackson apparently had admitted he is the person in pictures and video shown repeatedly striking a Capitol Police officer with a bat.

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Harvey told Jackson and his attorney that he could think of no combination of conditions that would allow him to release Jackson and ensure the safety of the community.

“People did die that day and it could have been even worse,” said Harvey, calling Jackson a “willing participant,” in the “violent attack” on the Capitol.

So far, as Fox News reports, there has not been a formal arraignment in this case, but Jackson’s attorney indicated that the defendant is planning to plead not guilty in the case.

Emanuel Jackson (black capitol rioter)
Emanuel Jackson

Jackson – from Capitol Heights, Maryland – faces five federal charges, including assaulting an officer with a deadly weapon and obstructing an official proceeding at the Capitol. Each of those counts carries up to 20 years in prison. Court documents filed by the prosecution show several pictures, and a video, of the man they say is Jackson swinging a baseball bat at Capitol Police officers during the events of Jan. 6.

For what it’s worth, Jackson, according to government prosecutors, was one of the first people to storm through the doorway of the Senate side of the Capitol building and struck an officer with his fist at that time. On top of that, Jackson is accused of attacking Capitol Police again hours later with a bat.

In case you’re wondering, Emanuel Jackson’s next court date, for a preliminary hearing, is scheduled for Feb. 29 at 11:30am.



  1. I don’t think he was denied bail because of his race or skin color. He was denied bail because of his violent actions. Enrique Tarrio the Latino Proud Boy member and other White individuals who participated are also being denied bail as their actions and intent were similarly violent.

  2. Does this mean we should feel sorry for him or feel there is an option of injustice. Being a person of color at a Trump rally, is justifiable why he should get everything he deserves. I could care less what happens to this guy.ppppppp

  3. When are black people going to learn that we can’t do what white people do it’s just that simple there no way around it’s it’s so sad that black people don’t understand that. But maybe he can get TRUMP to get him out since that the reason he went there’s.

  4. Can I please sign up to be on the Jury please again Google or for my old school look in the dictionary and look up Dumb Ass you’ll find his picture!

  5. He shouldn’t have had his tail there! Surely he didn’t think he was going to walk away like his white counterparts has! It’s sad but he get what he deserves!

  6. This is the problem with the media right here ……They always make everything a race issue. WHY DOES IT MATTER WHAT F#*KING COLOR THE DUDE ITS A HUMAN BEING I have a idea just like it’s politically incorrect to identity make people identify if they are male or female let’s make it politically incorrect for the media to identify us racialy and stop fueling the Racial flame

  7. #1 he shouldn’t have had his African American ass there anyway if he wanted to vote and support President Donald Trump that’s his rightand I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t charge him with the police officers death now that would be sad but I’m praying not they have a way of putting charges on us and a heartbeat. #2 I don’t care what color you are you cannot go around beating up a police officer with a metal baseball bat in a restricted area, which he have no business in anyway. #3 he shouldn’t have had his dumb idiotic ass there anyway trying to fit in Donald Trump don’t care anything about anybody but himself you see he left the white Trump supporters hanging out on the limb, now they’re mad at him and some of them are Stating President Trump told them to do that. but we as black people need to acknowledge that we can not do what white people do get away with it… this world is all about white power now. now don’t get me wrong there are some nice white people in this 🌎 whom are great to black People. Black people please stay in y’all Lane that’s all I have to say.

  8. Silly boy! He was foolish enough to think the rules changed because he was pro-Trump! He forgot that he’s not the complexion of perfection!

  9. These people are always the victim… Blacks are almost always victims. They’re trained by education, media, and liberals, and their parent to believe that from birth

    • We are actually taught from birth that y’all are a bunch of nut cases & that we are the image of God on earth & that those who hate & oppress us are evil, jealous, pathetic & weak. & that y’all play the victim ironically because your insufficient DNA renders you a temporary people. & that the way we are treated is in direct defiance of God & that it’s very intentional. So sorry but you are sadly mistaken. And it’s obvious you know nothing about us. We’ve always known that It is you with the inferiority complex. There is absolutely nothing about you that would ever convince us that we are inferior to you. You are beyond insecure & desperate.

  10. Lock his stupid ass up and any Black individual who’s a Republican cause when all is said and other how they turn on your ass there no such thing as colored republican of any race thee Republican Party was made up primarily of only racist white men that will never change why would any person of another race would want to be in a party that don’t want anything to do with you and ask yourself how can you make a positive contribution to a party that you will never be able to become a major contributor just like this stupid ass fool who now is going to be a embarrassment to his family too bad brother but your ass is toast

  11. My problem isn’t that he’s being held without bail. My concern is that everyone who did the same or worse crime should be locked up without bail as well. Treat them with equal disdain, judge. Read today about a guy whose father was a trooper and his brother was Michelle Obama’s head of her security detail. She attended the fathers funeral. Keeping up with what happens to his ass.

  12. JY Kelly. White men and systemic racism is why these comments exist. We have been victims of America’s capitalistic society. But thousands of White people exercised their victim complex and went to the federal building called the States Capitol to attempt a coup because lying Trump lead them there by stating that cities with majority black voters cheated them. Just like he told them Mexicans are rapist and will take your jobs! Again blacks were the victim of white men lies (white supremency) but White men (not all) portrayed the victim complex? Just think about how easy in 4 years was it to divide the people, convince or confirm whites ideology that Muslims are terrorists. Mexicans are rapists. Blacks are criminals. Natives don’t own the land. Barack Obama was not American. Ponder that!

  13. Maybe he didn’t get the Memo that stated “No Black Help Needed.” However, when he look around and saw only White people he should have known. Truly I don’t care if he rots in prison for being a Trump Turd.

  14. He gets what he deserves. I dont feel no sympathy for him. He knew that if he got caught he would be there. Serves him right indeed

  15. 1st he stormed the Capital, 2nd he stormed the Capital with his white buddies. Second mistake. How long has this idiot been black in america

  16. The reason he is still in jail is bc he assaulted police officers. Most others broke in but assaulted no one and those who did are going to be in jail also.

  17. I’m not real sure why this is even a story! If this idiot don’t have sense enough to know that you don’t violently attack other human beings, then i don’t care if he sits in there for the next 10 years!!!

  18. I’m an African American man, and I’m not real sure why this is even a story! If this idiot don’t have sense enough to know that you don’t violently attack other human beings, then i don’t care if he sits in there for the next 10 years!!!

  19. He shouldn’t have been there God was showing is people something that day, and if he didn’t see anymore black people there he should have went home. So now he have to reap that and while his friends are at the house chilling he is going to be messed up praying that God watch over him while he do his time and that God open his eyes.

  20. His next court date is Feb 29?! That’s Leap Year Day — he won’t get to court until 2024?! Only the Black guy would get a court adjournment like that🤣🤣🤣🤣


  22. Yeah, it was the black guy. Everybody else was peaceful. He did everything your honor. He stormed the doors, pushed back all the police, beat down 10 officers, helped get that lady shot. He was he one that opened Pelosi’s office. 😂😂😂

  23. These comments are horrifying! The ignorance demonstrated by words like: “…black and supported Trump, deserves to be locked up…”? No wonder our country is in such a state of deterioration.

  24. I think he is kind of special and they took advantage of him! Offered him some money and he did not realize the trouble he could get in because it was orchestrated by the President. I am not condoning what he did, but I think hew was played!

  25. This is that one Black friend that Whites always say they have when you confront them about thier racism . However , where’s thier support when yp’ ass in trouble . Let’s see if lesson learned .

  26. You seem to think him being in jail is about racism. No, he used a metal baseball bat to assault officers. His crime was therefore worse than some others, so his punishment will be worse. Also, the judge probably judged him to be a flight risk, which does sound reasonable.

  27. If this is true then why does he have a court date on the 29th of February? There is only 28 days. Plus give me a break with the color of the skin garbage


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