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Dwayne Johnson Dedicates First Trailer for Series ‘Young Rock’ to His Late Father [WATCH]

Rocky Johnson, Dwayne the rock Johnson
Dwayne Johnson and his father

*Dwayne Johnson commemorated the 1-year anniversary of his father Rocky Johnson’s death by debuting a trailer for “Young Rock,” the upcoming NBC comedy series based on his life.

“Ladies and gents, here’s your first look at @nbcyoungrock,” Johnson wrote on Instagram, alongside the video. “I really wish my dad was around to see this one. Maaaaan he would’ve been proud.”

According to PEOPLE, in the series, Adrian Groulx will portray Johnson at age 10, Bradley Constant will play Johnson at age 15, and Uli Latukefu will play Johnson from the ages of 18 to 20, when he’s recruited to play football at the University of Miami.

Check out the trailer below.

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According to NBC, the series will focus on Johnson’s formative years, and the former WWF wrestler will appear in each episode.

“As you guys know my dad passed away earlier this year so this role is a special one and our first episode is dedicate [sic] to him 🙏🏾,” Johnson wrote last year in announcing the casting news. “My dad was a true trail blazer and broke color barriers all across our country in the 60s, 70s & 80s. One half of the first black tag team champions (with Tony Atlas) my pops was a bad dude in the game.”

He added: “I miss him. This ones for you Rock.

In his latest post announcing the trailer, Johnson wrote, “I can’t wait to make you and your families laugh a little and share the life lessons I’ve learned along the way.


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Johnson’s father died last January at the age of 75. The actor raised a glass of tequila in his honor.  

“One year ago today on Jan. 15, I lost my dad. My dad died. He passed away suddenly just like that. I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to him,” Johnson said in a video message.

“I’m smiling, looking through my windshield thinking, ‘S—man, what do I do? What is my next move?’ ” he continued. “Right as I was on the cusp of trying to figure out what do I do here, what’s the right decision, boom, I hear my dad’s voice in my head, which is hey — the show must go on.”

“This one’s for you, Soulman and you’re absolutely right… the show must go one,” Johnson wrote alongside the video. “And this toast is also to all of you out there and your loved ones who are no longer with us.” 

“Let’s live with all we got – all our passion, love, ambition, humor, empathy, humanity…all of it. As the show must go on,” he added. “See ya down the road, dad.”

“Young Rock” premieres Feb. 16 on NBC.

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