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Cynthia Bailey Addresses Her Lawsuit Against Ex-Husband Peter Thomas Over Bar One [VIDEO]


*Cynthia Bailey is suing her ex-husband Peter Thomas for breaching their agreement over a Bar One property that they both owned in Georgia.

During an appearance on “The Wendy Show,”  the “Real Housewives of Atlanta”  star addressed how Thomas failed to uphold his end of the deal. 

“Peter and I had an agreement. It was a three-year agreement — a contract over a piece of property here in Atlanta,” the reality star explained, via MadameNoire. “He pretty much made the terms himself and I was like ‘Okay, so in three years I’ll sell this back to you, you pay me off, or whatever.’”

According to Bailey, when three years passed, her attorneys took legal action. 

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“That didn’t happen,” she explained to Williams. “So, therefore, as soon as that date hit, then my lawyers went into ‘Okay, he’s in breach. We’re going to do everything we need to do to make sure you have the property again.’ It was as simple as that.”

Bailey continued, “It was a three-year arrangement, which I thought was more than enough time for us to settle what we needed to settle.”

Last month, Thomas spoke to Straight From The A about being “hurt”over Bailey’s filing.

“When I found out that Cynthia is suing me for $170,00, I’m like, ‘Cynthia got my phone number, my number never changed,’ he said. “We don’t have no dispute that I know of for her not to even pick up the phone and call me. I was hurt when she did that.”

Bailey told Wendy she was ‘surprised’ when Thomas spoke publicly about the lawsuit. 

“I have to be honest, I was a little surprised when Peter even brought this up publicly,” Bailey told Williams. “I don’t talk about my ex. I don’t like to talk about our finances, our problems that we had in the past. I’ve moved on.”

Bailey and Thomas wed in 2019 and divorced in 2017. 

Watch her conversation with Wendy Williams below.

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