Thursday, January 20, 2022

YouTube Star (Erin Winters) Shares How She Made Thousands of Dollars Each Month in 2020

Erin Winters YouTube Click
Erin Winters

*Erin Winters loves her full-time job as a YouTube creator.  She currently has 200,000-plus subscribers, who faithfully view her videos on an assortment of topics, inclusive of business,  video production, social media marketing, and activities in her eventful daily life.

Winters’ lucrative career on YouTube began in 2018 after she completed her contractual obligation as the first-ever digital correspondent/assignment explorer for National Geographic TV’s flagship show, “Explorer.”  She later started a company in Metro Detroit, where she was raised, to help businesses in all aspects of creating video advertisements.

While Winters, 26, was doing well by giving advice to businesses in the region, she knew she could do better, if she posted her advice to YouTube on her channel Erin on Demand.  She followed through on her vision.

Key executives at YouTube took notice of what she was doing and accepted Winters into YouTube’s Partner Program (YPP) following her first month.  YPP allows creators to have greater access and more resources, specifically offering Winters ways in which to monetizing her YouTube social media platform.

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To gain entrance into the program, creators must have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours.  The videos become monetized with ads filtered by Google.  After turning off her channel monetization for the first four months because she didn’t want to turn off new followers by posting ads, Winters did a complete about-face and began allowing advertising, which set the table for her to earn thousands of dollars each month.

In 2020, Winters, who has a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from Howard University, has enjoyed financial success.  While she didn’t want to brag, Winters revealed her monthly earnings since January, which has been verified by a creditable business media outlet through her analytic dashboard.  Winters’ breakdown of earnings was listed as the following: January ($7,345), February ($5,663), March ($3,375), April ($4,260), May (4,090), June ($3,943), July ($4,947), August ($5,798), September ($5,182), and October ($5,439).  While November and December were not listed, there is no reason to believe the two months wouldn’t approach the earnings of the other ten months.

Winters believes her financial success is based on timing, her education and her professional background in journalism.  As a young Black woman, she has special advice for other young Black women.

“There aren’t a lot of young Black women in the entrepreneurial space on YouTube,” Winters said.  “I’m an avid YouTube watcher and growing up I was always looking for someone who looked like me.”



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