Monday, May 23, 2022

Black Woman Attacked by Violent MAGA Mob in LA: Wig Ripped OFF, Called N-word / VIDEO

*A Los Angeles woman is speaking out after being attacked by a racist mob of Trump supporters during a pro-Trump demonstration held Wednesday in downtown L.A. 

“I don’t understand what’s going on in the world,” Berlinda Nibo, who was assaulted by some of the angry, attendees, said, per CBS Los Angeles. “I’m saddened by it. I’m heartbroken by it.”

Freelance photojournalist Raquel Natalicchio happened to be on the scene and captured the moments Nibo was nearly killed by the anti-Black agitators. 

“It’s a shame that I can’t walk down my street anymore,” she said.

“I’m walking by and they’re yelling at me because of my color, calling me the N-word calling me the B-word, saying, ‘All lives matter, Black lives doesn’t matter,’” she said.

When she yelled back, the white domestic terrorists followed her and attacked her. 

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“He goes and smacks me in the face,” Nibo said of one of the violent thugs. “And then all of them start trying to jump me, and then people jump in.”

“When they started pushing her around, this other woman that was a Trump supporter came up to her and ripped her wig off.” Natalicchio said. “Obviously, at that point, she began to try to defend herself.”

Nibo said strangers came to her defense, including a man with a red beard seen holding her in several photos. 

“He was whispering in my ear going ‘You’re OK, I got you, I’ve got you, don’t do anything. These people are literally trying to kill you,’” Nibo said.

“If not for him stepping in at that moment, these people would have literally tried to kill me,” she added.

LAPD said in a statement that it’s investigating the incident as a hate crime. 

“Based on her statements and other evidence, a hate crime/battery report was taken,” the statement said. “The individual seen in the images with his arms wrapped around her — per the victim’s statement — was determined to be a Good Samaritan that helped her get away from the hostile crowd, by carrying her to safety.”

Scroll up to see the disturbing images via the clip above. 

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