Monday, January 25, 2021

Biden Indicates COVID Vaccines, Care Will be FREE; Reiterates Need to Help Americans / AUDIO

*V-103 Radio in Atlanta spoke with President-elect Joe Biden about today’s runoff elections in Georgia. Read what he had to say below or listen to his comments via the player above.

“We got to unite this country, and that’s why I’m so excited about the prospects of Jon and the Reverend winning this thing. If they win tomorrow, we’d be able to get immediately out the checks for $2000 for people who are really hurting. These other guys don’t seem to understand this, this COVID pandemic and job losses have been consequential to thousands of people. They’re lying awake in bed, staring at the ceiling, wondering whether they’re gonna be thrown out of their apartments and whether they have enough food on the table. I mean, did you ever think Kenny, in your lifetime, you see food lines? People lining up for miles in vehicles just to get food?” [00:50]

“Well, first of all, the thing that’s going to come before the Senate again is whether or not we keep the commitment and provide the money that the House of Representatives had made of $2000 cash payments to families and families making under $50k, they’re in trouble. Families that are in trouble. They need help. This is the United States of America. The idea of fighting for food should not be a question.” [02:04]

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Joe Biden - Georgia (Getty)
Joe Biden in Georgia (Getty)

“I guarantee you, in my administration, there will be no question. The vaccination is free. Free, free, free. Treatment for COVID will be free. Free. Across the board. This is a national pandemic for God’s sake. The idea that we should have to pay the save the nation. And by the way, unless we’re able to get this vaccine in people’s arms and get this crisis under control, we’re gonna find ourselves and the economy continue to tumble and stumble and cause more jobs and put us behind the eight ball. There’s an overwhelming reason to do this. It makes economic sense to do this, but I need their votes in the Senate.” [04:25]

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