Sunday, August 14, 2022

50-Yr-Old Video Vixen Shana Mangatal Featured in Kevin Casey’s New ‘Eternity’ Video / WATCH

Shana Mangatal & Kevin Casey
Shana Mangatal & Kevin Casey

*Veteran UFC Fighter, Kevin Casey has debuted a new video, for his song, “Eternity.” It stars 50-year-old video vixen Shana Mangatal in her first music video since Tupac’s “Unconditional Love” in 1999.

Kevin Casey is best known as a veteran UFC fighter and as the husband of Muhammad Ali’s daughter and author, Hana Ali. Hana penned the recent memoir, “At Home With Muhammad Ali,” which details her life growing up with her dad.

The new video for Kevin’s song, “Eternity,” has amassed over 45,000 views on Instagram in just one week.

Directed and shot by Angelo Costa, the video features the song, “Eternity.” The track was produced by J Wells, and the lyrics were written by Kevin.

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Mangatal makes a comeback of sorts in this video, and, as we stated up top, it’s her first starring role since Tupac’s “Unconditional Love.”  Having turned 50 this year, Shana is proud to show that you are never too old to be a video vixen. She says she would like the video to “inspire women to be confident in themselves, no matter how old they are.”

Meanwhile, Shana has been very busy during the pandemic, as she also recently made her directorial debut with Howard Hewett’s music video, “That’s Christmas.” Watch it below.

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Kevin Casey’s video, “Eternity” can be found on his YouTube and Instagram accounts. Links are below.

Link to video on Kevin Casey’s YouTube Channel:

Link to video on Instagram:

Kevin Casey’s Instagram:




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