Thursday, October 21, 2021

Uh Oh … SoHo Karen (Miya Ponsetto) Had 2nd DUI While on Probation – She Could be Going Down

*We’ve just learned that Miya Ponsetto, the infamous “SoHo Karen” who attacked a Black teen after falsely accusing him of stealing her iPhone, had a second DUI arrest last year. That means there’s a strong possibility she’ll be doing some time behind bars.

In court records of Ponsetto’s DUI arrest from October 3 in Ventura County, obtained by TMZ,  she was charged with DUI, resisting arrest and obstructing or delaying a peace officer or EMT.

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Here’s more via TMZ:

She’s entered a not guilty plea for that arrest, but the details sound eerily similar to her previous DUI bust. As we first reported, Ponsetto was stopped on May 28 in Malibu and law enforcement sources told us she went wild on cops during the arrest.

Now, on September 28, she ended up pleading no contest, and a judge gave her 3 years probation … the terms of which call for her to stay out of further legal trouble. So, getting arrested just 5 days later for a 2nd DUI is a serious problem for her.

According to court records, a letter of a possible probation violation has already been sent to L.A. County where she’s on probation. It’ll be up to the D.A.’s Office and a judge, but Ponsetto’s now looking at the possibility of doing time for the violation.

She’s due back in court Jan. 28, for the 2nd DUI. She also has a pretrial hearing that same day for a drunk in public arrest from last February in Bev Hills — and of course, NYPD still wants to talk to her about the iPhone incident.

Point is, Ponsetto and her lawyers are gonna be busy this month.



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