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TRAILER: ‘The Infamous Future’ Follows Boys of Color at NY’s The Eagle Academy for Young Men (Watch)

The Infamous Future

*”The Infamous Future,” a documentary following the Black and brown boys of The Eagle Academy for Young Men schools amid America’s severe education inequity, will begin streaming New Year’s Day on HBO Max.

Written and produced by John Campbell, the film explores the unique perspectives of the educators at The Eagle Academy for Young Men schools and their remarkable students, focusing on the success young men of color can have when they are benefactors of a quality education experience.

Cameras follow Eagle Academy student Joshua Perez; his Mother, Rosa Perez; alumni, Christopher Davis; President and CEO of The Eagle Academy Foundation, David C. Banks; principals of several Eagle Academy for Young Men schools; and Brooklyn Borough President, Eric L. Adams.
“I wanted to tell a success story on education, particularly focusing on Black and brown boys,” says writer and producer John Campbell. “Eagle Academy is that story. The students and educators’ success not only impacts their lives but the lives of the entire community, inspiring all generations. I’m very excited this story has a great home on HBO Max.”

The Eagle Academy Foundation’s model is one that understands the lived experience of students of color and works to create an environment that is empathetic, reflective and maximizes the potential of each student. The film explores how education experts at The Eagle Academy Foundation strive to change an entrenched American mindset, insisting that young Black and brown men can be one of our nation’s greatest successes.

The Eagle Academy Foundation’s network of six public schools across the five boroughs of New York City and Newark, N.J. maintains a high rate of success with students. Their pedagogy model boasts a graduation rate of 87% compared to the 59% national average for young men of color, with an estimated 98% of their scholars prepared for college and career pursuits.

Watch the trailer for “The Infamous Future” below, followed by footage from a Q&A session with David C. Banks following Google’s screening of the film:

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