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The Black Hat/Let’s Cancel The Idea of White Women Mothering Black Boys – They Really, Really Suck At it

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Charlize Theron, son/daughter Jackson & Sean Penn (Getty)

*I’m curious – is there a chapter in the White Woman Handbook that encourages them to adopt impressionable black boys, dress them in frilly skirts and princess crowns, and then proudly flaunt them like exotic animals in public for all to see? 

That’s child abuse.

Jackson Theron (Instagram)
White actress Charlize Theron (pictured above with actor Sean Penn) is raising her adopted black son, Jackson, to be a girl. Yes, that’s him wearing the red dress … picking fruit (no pun intended).

It feels like a rebirth of slavery, in a figurative way. Sure these boys aren’t getting their penises chopped off like slaves did in the past, but they ARE being castrated and effeminized by white women whose ultra-liberal views conflict with the very idea of masculinity.

Them dressing their adopted black sons as Disney princesses certainly seems bizarre, but it’s nothing compared to the suffering black males have endured at the hands of white women throughout history. 

In the wild, zebras and lions don’t mingle harmoniously. The only interaction they share is when the latter group kills and eats the former group. 

The same applies to black boys and white women. looking at history, some of the most heinous violations of humanity were sparked from encounters between black boys and white women. 

These examples – on a basic level – mirror the pain and suffering experienced when lions decimate their helpless, hapless prey. 

From Emmett Till to the five black boys wrongfully convicted in 1989 of raping a white woman in Central Park, there’s decades of evidence to justify a “no contact” rule between these groups.


Sandra Bullock & adopted black son Lewis - Getty

Death, imprisonment, stigmatization, and now, feminization – these realities continue to devour the lives of young black men when they’re contaminated by white women. 

In light of this, it seems comical for any white woman to have parenting rights over a black child – especially a male. 

Here’s a list of reasons: 

1) White women only “shop” for black children in foreign countries. Meanwhile, they ignore the tens of thousands of black boys and girls across America languishing in foster care. They use adopted black children as props to assuage their guilt about racism and white privilege.

2) White women aren’t culturally or emotionally equipped to properly raise young black males. Despite any attempts they make, they will never be able to identify with the plight of existing while black in America. It’s a cliche – but how can the oppressor’s most dangerous weapon be trusted to care for a black boy? They can’t teach what they don’t know.

Madonna & adopted black son (getty)
 3) White women have a natural and immutable fear of red-blooded, heterosexual black males. Perhaps that’s why some of them encourage their adopted black sons to experiment with cross-dressing. It’s a strategy to effeminize them.

4) White women are the most protected and coddled group of people in the world. This has been true for centuries. They’re generally shielded from the harsh realities of discrimination, especially amid today’s “me too” climate. They CAN’T instill toughness and leadership in black boys. It’s like asking a blacksmith to sharpen iron with cotton balls. 

5) They’re white. Simple. 

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