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Ocean Spray Hooks Up TikTok User With Truck, Juice After Viral Video (Watch)

Nathan Adopaca

*Ocean Spray, known for their ads featuring farms knee deep in cranberries, quickly jumped on the free publicity generated by a 37-year-old TikTok user who broke the Internet with video of himself long boarding down an Idaho Falls street while sipping the brand’s Cran-Raspberry drink and lip-synching Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.”

Nathan Adopaca, aka 420doggface208, captured the hearts of more than 50 million viewers who have now seen his “Morning Vibe” video. Some even recreated it, including Fleetwood Mac’s Mick Fleetwood, who joined TikTok just so he could film his own version.

Fleetwood is the second clip in this montage below:

Ocean Spray’s PR department orchestrated a special delivery to Adopaca’s home in Idaho Falls, where he’s been living in an RV with no running water, according to USA Today. The brand gave him a new cranberry red-colored Nissan pickup truck stocked with juice and captured it on video.

Watch below:

According to Rolling Stone, in the days following Apodaca’s “Morning Vibes” post, sales for Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” were up 184%. Spotify streams of the song were up 127% and Apple reported a 221% increase. Shazam said it had seen a 1,137% spike. “Dreams” reached No. 18 on Spotify in the United States.

The song was part of Fleetwood Mac’s best selling 1977 album “Rumours,” which topped the charts six years before Apodaca was born. When Apodaca’s mother tried to buy a “Rumours” CD in honor of her son’s new fame, the store had just sold out.

According to Idaho’s Post Register, Apodaca has received more than $20,000 in donations from viewers. He gave $5,000 to his mother and bought his dad a truck. Only his sister has turned his generosity down.

“I was like I know you need a washer, a dryer, a stove, we can go get it right now. … She’s like ‘I’m stable enough, you do you, as soon as you get your house and you’re stable then you can go ahead and give me something,’” Apodaca said.

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