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Mo’Kelly’s ‘2-Minute Warning’ Commentaries Syndicated Nationwide Via iHeartMedia’s Black Information Network

Morris O'Kelly (at mic - on air)

*Mo’Kelly’s 2-Minute Warning commentaries on the news of the day are now syndicated nationwide and will be heard 5 days a week across the country as part of iHeartMedia’s new Black Information Network all-news format of stations.

This is in addition to his award-winning weekend program, The Mo’Kelly Show on KFI AM640 Los Angeles, political commentary for BBC Radio and co-host for the weekday iHeartMedia podcast, Nerd-O-Rama with Tawala Sharp.

Each day at :11 past the hour and :42 the following hour, Mo’Kelly offers 2 minutes on a top trending topic from politics, to culture and even entertainment.

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About Mo’Kelly: More at

As stations are being added to the lineup, this list will grow and be updated as needed.

Callsign Frequency Band City State Network status
WHTY 1460 AM Phenix City Alabama Affiliate
KFOO 1440 AM Riverside California Affiliate
KKSF 910 AM OaklandSF California Affiliate
KRRL-HD2* 92.3-2 FM Los Angeles California Affiliate
KSSX-HD2* 95.7-2 FM San Diego California Affiliate
WUST 1120 AM Washington DC Affiliate
WMZQ-HD2* 98.7-2 FM Washington DC Affiliate
WBTP-HD2* 95.7-2 FM Tampa Florida Affiliate
WBIN 640 AM Atlanta Georgia Affiliate
WWPW-HD3* 96.1-3 FM Atlanta Georgia Affiliate
WYNF 1340 AM Augusta Georgia Affiliate
WMGE 1670 AM Macon Georgia Affiliate
WVAZ-HD2* 102.7-2 FM Chicago Illinois Affiliate
W279AQ 103.7 FM Mascoutah Illinois n/a (KATZ-HD2 relay)
WODT 1280 AM New Orleans Louisiana Affiliate
WNOE-HD2* 101.1-2 FM New Orleans Louisiana Affiliate
WQLL 1370 AM Baltimore Maryland Affiliate
WJMN-HD2* 94.5-2 FM Boston Massachusetts Affiliate
WDFN 1130 AM Detroit Michigan Affiliate
KQQL-HD2* 107.9-2 FM Minneapolis Minnesota Affiliate
W227BF 93.3 FM Minneapolis Minnesota n/a (KQQL-HD2 relay)
KATZ-HD2* 100.3-2 FM St. Louis Missouri Affiliate
WWPR-HD3* 105.1-3 FM New York City New York Affiliate
WRFX-HD2* 99.7-2 FM Charlotte North Carolina Affiliate
W254AZ 98.7 FM Charlotte North Carolina n/a (WRFX-HD2 relay)
WIZE 1340 AM SpringfieldDtn Ohio Affiliate
WMMS-HD2* 100.7-2 FM Cleveland Ohio Affiliate
W256BT 99.1 FM Cleveland Ohio n/a (WMMS-HD2 relay)
WTEL 610 AM Philadelphia Pennsylvania Affiliate
WDAS-HD2* 105.3-2 FM Philadelphia Pennsylvania Affiliate
WGVL 1440 AM Greenville South Carolina Affiliate
WNRQ-HD2* 105.9-2 FM Nashville Tennessee Affiliate
W248BQ 97.5 FM Nashville Tennessee n/a (WNRQ-HD2 relay)
WNOH 105.3 FM Norfolk Virginia Affiliate
KHHO 850 AM TacomaSeattle Washington Affiliate

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