Monday, January 25, 2021

#SoHo Karen Has Been Identified As 22-Year-Old Miya Ponsetto / VIDEO

*Well, now we know who the infamous #SoHo Karen is. She has been identified by the NY Post as Miya Ponsetto.

And for what it’s worth, she said to be a former cheerleader from California. She is believed to have gone to Simi Valley High School in Southern California.

Ponsetto, 22, is the woman who is at the center of the incident involving a 14-year-old black boy she falsely accused of stealing her iPhone.

The release of her name comes in the wake of new surveillance footage of the woman believed to be her tackling the teen to the ground in a New York City hotel.

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Here’s more via the Daily Mail:

The video, shared on social media Wednesday night by NYPD Chief of Detectives Rodney Harrison, shows the woman suddenly run at Keyon Harrold Jr. and grab him by the waist in the Arlo Hotel on Saturday.

Its release comes just hours after the 22-year-old woman gave a rambling interview to CNN where she denied racially profiling the boy and claimed it was her who was assaulted in the dispute.

The boy’s father, Grammy-winning African American jazz artist Keyon Harrold, had previously posted separate footage filmed on his smartphone on Instagram.

It showed the woman pushing and grabbing at the father and son, allegedly even scratching Keyon Sr’s hands as she attempted to snatch his cellphone, wrongly believing it to be hers.

Moments after the scuffle concluded, her phone was reportedly found in an Uber and returned to her by the driver.

The NYPD confirmed Tuesday they had identified the woman and may charge her with assault, grand larceny or attempted robbery.

The boy’s father, mother Kat Rodriguez and civil rights attorney Ben Crump are urging officials to bring charges against her over the incident.



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