Monday, January 25, 2021

King’s Hawaiian Hit with Lawsuit for Not Making Sweet Rolls in Hawaii

*A New York man is suing the company behind King’s Hawaiian for allegedly misleading consumers into believing that their products are made in Hawaii. 

Newsweek reports that Robert Galinsky filed the lawsuit after he purchased a package of King’s Hawaiian rolls and realized the delicious sweet bread is not made in “Hilo, Hawaii,” which is displayed front and center on the packaging. In smaller print on the back it states that the products are actually made in Torrance, California.  

In the class action lawsuit, Galinsky claims King’s Hawaiian “essentially invented this category of food” to deceive customers into paying more for what they believe to be rolls that are made on that part of the island.

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“For many consumers, authenticity has overtaken quality as the prevailing purchasing criterion,” Galinsky’s lawsuit says.

“Reasonable consumers understand that the term ‘Hawaiian Rolls’ by itself, does not denote a roll made in Hawaii any more than a ‘Moon Pie’ can claim to have been baked on the moon,” Galinsky argues.

Galinsky claims he wouldn’t have spent more money on King’s Hawaiian had he known they were made in California. 

Here’s more from Newsweek:

The complaint also points to four lawsuits King’s Hawaiian Holding Co. has filed against competitors who have attempted to use similar colors and the term “Hawaiian rolls,” on their packaging. Last year, King’s Hawaiian settled a lawsuit with Aldi over orange colored packaging sold at the grocery store that the company alleged infringed on its intellectual property, PR Newswire reported.

Galinsky’s suit accuses King’s Hawaiian of unjust enrichment, negligent misrepresentation, and fraud.

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