Saturday, February 27, 2021

Say Their Name Podcast Launches Campaign to Support Voting in Georgia Runoffs

Say Their Name

*“Say Their Name” is a podcast series narrated by Adell Coleman and produced by Chris Colbert of DCP Entertainment. The series focuses on the assault and killing of unarmed Black people by police and in ‘Stand Your Ground’ states, highlighting incidents throughout the United States.

Detailing harrowing stories from as far back as 1993 to today, Say Their Name offers a personal look at these events through the eyes of family members and those closely involved in the cases. The show amplifies underrepresented stories and spreads awareness while building movements and directly supporting these families & communities through a crowdfunding campaign. DCP Founder and CEO Chris Colbert personally traveled the country to gather these important stories: Archie “Artie” Eliott III, Jamar Burns-Hill, also known as Jamar Clark, Robbie Tolan, Danny Ray Thomas, John Crawford III, Kaldrick Donald and Duane “Wane” Strong Jr.

DCP has also recently launched the #GetLouder campaign to serve as an amplification platform for collective storytelling and voting. Particularly focused on the runoff elections in Georgia next month because of how crucial a Democrat-controlled Senate is, the campaign will build on the Say Their Name Podcast and the voices of families who continue to live with the trauma of police violence to further enforce the need for reform, accountability and collective investment in change.

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Background on Chris and Adell:
Driven by his passion for connecting audiences with innovative and inspiring content, Chris founded DCP to give a media platform to underrepresented voices. His experiences with racism and trauma at a young age helped him recognize the power of using storytelling to create change and led him down the path of activism in media. Chris began his career in audio production over a decade ago at SiriusXM. During his time at SiriusXM, Chris helped create multiple channels including Jamie Foxx’s, The Foxxhole and SiriusXM’s only bilingual Latino comedy channel. Chris worked on several audio documentaries when serving as the Director of Urban Talk and Comedy for SiriusXM. Frustrated by the media’s lack of inclusion, representation, and equal opportunity, Chris set out to create a space where people could have candid conversations about their experiences. In 2019, he launched DCP Entertainment.

Adell’s career spans over 16 years, beginning as a producer and host of “2KNation” station on WPFW 89.3 at the age of 15. She has produced a number of high-profile broadcasts, winning numerous accolades. Notable figures she has worked with include Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden and Iyanla Vanzant, among many others. Recently, she was an Associate Producer for Congresswoman Maxine Water’s State of the Union rebuttal. In addition to her passion for audio storytelling, Adell is a committed advocate for domestic violence awareness. She feels strongly about supporting survivors and their families, as well as sharing her own story. As the CCO of DCP, Adell uses podcasting as a way to reach people with shared experiences, bringing underrepresented voices into the center of our conversations.



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