Friday, October 7, 2022

Woman Electrocuted to Death After iPhone Falls in Bathtub While Charging

Olesya Semenova / Twitter

*A freak accident out of Russia is being used as a cautionary take for those who like to take a bath with their cellphone plugged into a nearby outlet.   

A Russian woman died after her iPhone fell in the tub while she was bathing, the Toronto Sun reports. Olesya Semenova, 24, was found dead by her roommate after she was electrocuted to death in their apartment.

“I screamed, shook her, but she was pale, not breathing, and showing no signs of life,” her roommate told the emergency operator, noting that she felt an “electric shock” when she touched Semenova. 

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Paramedics confirmed that Semenova’s iPhone 8 fell in the water while plugged into an outlet and charging. 

“The tragedy reminds us once again that water and an electrical device connected to the electricity grid are incompatible,” the Russian Emergency Ministry said.

The iPhone 8 is waterproof  when submerged in water of up to roughly 3 feet. Once it’s hooked up to an electrical source, it becomes a conductor and should be kept away from water. 

“The same applies to any mobile device. If you drown a smartphone, the worst thing is its failure,” the ministry continued. “But when it is connected to the network, we see what the consequences are.”

Three years ago, a 14-year-old named Madison Coe was electrocuted while using her cell phone during a bath. Her family told Inside Edition she regularly used her phone while soaking in the tub.

In the clip below, electrical engineer Steve Fowler demonstrates what could happen when you use a cell phone in the water.


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