Thursday, October 6, 2022

Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump Demands Release of Body Cam Footage in Police Killing of Joshua Feast / VIDEO

*LA MARQUE, Tex. –– Nationally renowned civil rights and personal injury attorney Ben Crump is demanding the release of body cam footage in the killing of Joshua Feast following the identification of Officer Jose Santos as Joshua’s killer.

Joshua Feast, a 22-year-old Black man, was shot to death by La Marque Police Officer Jose Santos on December 9.

Attorney Crump has issued the following statement:

“Now that Jose Santos has been identified as the police officer who killed Joshua Feast, we are left with even more questions and very few answers. Video from 2013 shows Santos, along with his colleagues, brutalizing yet another young Black man – beating him and holding his head underwater as the all-too-familiar cries of “I can’t breathe” come from their victim. 

“Why was Officer Santos ever permitted to wear a badge following that disgusting incident? Joshua Feast would still be alive today if the La Marque Police Department had done the right thing by demanding that their officers be individuals of sound moral character – not individuals like Jose Santos who had a documented history of tormenting and harming his fellow man. It was all but promised that Santos would use excessive force again as it had been previously condoned. 

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Jose Santos
La Marque, TX Officer Jose Santos and his police dog Rocky

“We will not stop until all of the body cam footage, as well as any other footage obtained by law enforcement, is released from the night that Joshua Feast was shot in the back and killed by Police Officer Jose Santos. Joshua’s family and the residents of La Marque deserve to know what transpired the night of this tragedy. Justice is not possible if the investigation continues to operate in secrecy, leaving the public – and Joshua’s family – in the dark.”

Through his work, nationally renowned civil rights and personal injury attorney Ben Crump has spearheaded a legal movement to better protect the rights of marginalized citizens. He has led landscape-changing civil rights cases and represented clients in a wide range of areas including civil rights, personal injury, labor and employment, class actions, and more. Ben Crump Law is dedicated to holding the powerful accountable. For more information, visit

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