Monday, October 3, 2022

LeBron James Slams Media Critics Who ‘Still Doubt’ His NBA Accomplishments [WATCH]

*NBA superstar LeBron James has clapped back at critics from the media who continue to diminish his milestones and contributions. 

The Los Angeles Laker made his feelings quite clear on the matter during a recent appearance on the Road Trippin’ program. James took the opportunity to directly address his naysayers and haters.

“Just from people that really.. that the basketball world because there’s people on TV and there’s writers that write that people in the basketball world really listen to and they really believe,” James said in his statement (h/t  “I’m not going to give any of those names on this show because they don’t deserve it. That continue to discredit or continue to not to understand what the drive that I put into it,” he explained. 

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“They talk about these players ‘He doesn’t have that same drive as him’ or ‘He doesn’t have have that same mentality as those if he did…’ and they see what I continue to accomplish. So it was a reassurance to myself. But it was also like to the naysayers and to the haters which will always be there even after I’m done playing.”

James just led the Lakers to their first title after a decade of #epicfails, marking the fourth championship of his career. Despite this, he continues to be shrouded in criticism.

Hear/watch more from LeBron on the matter via part ONE of the interview via the YouTube clip above, and check out part TWO below.

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