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George Floyd

Geo. Floyd’s Killer Derek Chauvin Has Divorce Settlement DENIED Due to Possibility of Fraud



derek chauvin-mugshot and as cop
Derek Chauvin and wife Kellie

Derek Chauvin and wife estranged Kellie

*A Washington County (Minnesota) judge has rejected a divorce settlement filed by Derek Chauvin’s estranged wife due to the possibility of fraud.

Days after Derek was officially charged with manslaughter and the murder of George Floyd, Kellie Chauvin filed for divorce on May 31. However, divorce attorneys have looked into the paperwork and claimed it may have been a ploy to protect their assets against lawsuits in civil court as reported by Star Tribune. Judge Juanita Freeman wrote in her ruling back in October that a “court has a duty to ensure that marriage dissolution agreements are fair and equitable. One badge of fraud is a party’s transfer of ‘substantially all’ of his or her assets.”

Attorney Marc Beyer stated due to the timing of the divorce filing, the court can suspect that there could be a possibility of fraud but it is still speculation.
“This is just speculation, but it’s possible that the [agreement] was intentionally drafted to get assets out of Chauvin’s name in anticipation of a civil judgment against him from the estate of George Floyd.

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MAGA Creature at D.C. Trump Rally Says Cop Should’ve Kneeled On George Floyd’s Neck Longer (Watch)




A MAGA fool at the Trump rally in D.C. (Nov. 14, 2020) – Twitter/Fifty Shades of Whey

*A supporter of outgoing President Donald Trump has gone viral for saying that George Floyd would be alive today had he just “behaved,” and that former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin should have kneeled on his neck “longer.”

“If he would’ve behaved from the get-go, and not try to pass false money, he’d still be alive today,” the man says to the person recording. “It’s not that hard to behave.”

The video was tweeted Sunday, Nov. 15, by Dave Pal, who runs the Twitter account Fifty Shades of Whey. The man, whose name isn’t known, is sporting a red “Trump 2020” visor over a wig. In a follow up tweet, Pal said that he was “last seen” at the “Million MAGA March” on Nov. 14 in Washington, D.C.

A man’s voice behind the camera asks the marcher if he is “OK” with the fact that Chauvin kneeled on Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds.

“He should’ve done it f****** longer. He should’ve done it longer,” he says again on camera. “You need more?”

The videographer then says he is “flabbergasted” before filming stops.

Watch below:

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Shemar Moore Insisted ‘S.W.A.T.’ Season Premiere Link to Death of George Floyd (Video)




*Tonight’s season premiere of “S.W.A.T.” takes on the police killings of African Americans as part of a systemic pattern, and you can thank star/executive producer Shemar Moore and executive producer Aaron Rahsaan Thomas for the choosing to focus on the subject matter.

“We’ve been successful for three years playing super-cops and entertaining folks,” Moore told the Associated Press. “For ‘S.W.A.T.’ to take on what’s been happening around this country, in the world, is very brave and very bold.”

Thomas said it’s a step toward fulfilling the vision for the series he co-created with Shawn Ryan (“The Shield”). It’s a reboot of the 1975-76 series with Steve Forrest as Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson, head of a mostly white SWAT unit. This time around, Hondo is an LA-born African American striving to uphold the law and connect his multiethnic team with the community it serves.

The episode, notes The AP, “is one answer to whether network TV dramas, ever reliant on law enforcement officers as unalloyed heroes, can reflect opposing views as the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and others drive demands for systemic change in police practices.”

The “S.W.A.T.” story line is directly linked to Floyd’s death last May while in the custody of Minneapolis police. Watch the promo above.

The episode airs 9 p.m. EST Wednesday on CBS.

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The Journal Of Steffanie Rivers: The Scheme Behind the Defense Of George Floyd’s Killers




The four killers of George Floyd are scheming to get away with murder already. Defense attorneys for the ex-cops who killed Floyd requested their trials be moved outside Hennepin County. But last week a judge denied their requests and ruled all four defendants will stand trial together. Defendant attorneys claim jurors in Minneapolis proper will feel pressured to convict. They also wanted to be tried separately. The judge said no to that too.

The trial should be held in the jurisdiction where the crime happened for a number of reasons: First, regardless of where this trial is held it will be hard to find jurors who haven’t already formed opinions, seeing as video of this modern-day lynching has been viewed by millions and sparked worldwide protests. There is no place for these killers to hide from their senseless and egregious act. That leads me to my second point:

These defendants, Derek Chauvin, Thomas Lane, J. Alexander Kueng and Tou Thao, are seeking a sympathetic panel of jurors which isn’t likely in Minneapolis. So they want the trial(s) moved to the suburbs for a better chance of getting more White jurors. 

As impartial as some people claim to be – and jurors are supposed to be – past trials have proven when it comes to killer cops White people are prone to exonerate them for killing unarmed Black people who posed no threat. History shows White people find a way to excuse racist behavior by other White people.

Why else would the 2020 Presidential election have been decided by just four million votes? Why else would mostly White people still vote for the obvious racist, sexist, liar, elitist, scamming, morally bankrupt Donald Trump (who knew how deadly COVID-19 was but kept it hidden to avoid negative publicity allowing more than 225k Americans to die as a result), even after they no longer could hide behind the ‘economy’ excuse as their reason to support him? Because he is a White man, plain and simple. 

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BMC - George Floyd March (1b

Even though President-elect Joe Biden won Minnesota in last week’s election, it was Minneapolis residents who made it happen. It’s the largest city in that state. Most registered Democrats in that state reside in Hennepin County. Of the 437k people who live in Minneapolis proper 43k are Somali born immigrants, the largest population of Somalians in the United States. That’s in addition to other  Black and Brown people who call Minneapolis home.

Other than a few adjacent counties, the rest of Minnesota supported Trump. So if it wasn’t for voters in Minneapolis and two other nearby counties Trump would have won Minnesota. I’m in no way saying Biden was a flawless candidate when it comes to race relations. My point is these killer cops have a better chance at acquittal outside of the city regardless of the facts or the video.

Just like Trump in his failed bid for re-election catered to his base, these cops are searching for their White approval base that’s more likely found in the suburbs. That’s where the cop who killed Philando Castile got away with murder. 

Another part of this equation is the prosecutor in charge. Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison took over the case from local prosecutors who refused to bring charges against these killer cops until nationwide protests forced them to do so. Had local county prosecutors been in charge of this prosecution this case could be another Breonna Taylor verdict. But Ellison is no Dan Cameron

Ellison upgraded the charges from 3rd to second degree murder against Chauvin. And he put aiding and abetting charges on the other three who were free for nearly a month. 

Ellis is the former Director of the Civil Rights Center specializing in defense law. He served for at least a decade as a U.S. congressman before he was elected to the AG position. He is the first Black and first Muslim elected to statewide office in Minnesota. If he doesn’t get convictions and justice for George Floyd and his family I don’t know who could. 

Steffanie Rivers (screenshot1)

Steffanie Rivers

Steffanie Rivers is a freelance journalist living in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex. Email her at [email protected] with your comments, questions and speaking inquiries. Follow her @TCBStef on Twitter and Instagram.


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