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50 Cent Explains Why He Called Out T.I. About His Controversial King Von Comments [WATCH]

*50 Cent is speaking out about why he checked Atlanta rapper Tip “T.I.” Harris over his comments about the death of Chicago artist King Von

We previously reported… Von was murdered outside of an Atlanta hookah bar earlier this month following a physical altercation with Quando Rondo’s entourage. T.I. appeared to comment on the incident in a post about Atlanta being a progressive city and warned outsiders, “Stop coming here to kill each other.” 

His comments sparked outrage among King Von’s crew, who took that to mean gangs should do their killing on their own home turf.

“He just made a mistake,” 50 said of T.I. during recent appearance on The Breakfast Club. “He’s in a different place … There’s nothing wrong with the statement he made about Atlanta being positive and productive and supportive of other people doing things. But… they just lost a loved one. They don’t care nothing about nothing that you talking about. Like when you say ‘Don’t bring your beef to Atlanta.’ You don’t usually schedule where it’s going to happen.”

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We previously reported… Von’s sister Kayla B clapped back at T.I. over his comments, writing on her Instagram stories: “Wasn’t u just [with] other b###### at Copper Cove. I stay seeing [you] cheating mind your business @troubleman31,” wrote Kayla on her Instagram Story. She added, “And these [are] FACTS! But the energy he [always] putting in [people] business [needs] to be the same energy he [needs] to make it right [with] his daughter!!!!! Now [where] is my brother @50cent get on his a##!”

50 Cent answered Kayla by urgng Tip to chill on scolding the culture.

“A @troubleman31 you gotta chill, you bugging for saying anything,” he wrote. “They got casualties this is real s###, I don’t know what you was thinking but [rethink] it now. They are hurting, they love that boy he was a way out. I bet you don’t even realize they will kill you for what you just said. What hood you from again? Come on now it’s quiet time.”

After a wave of backlash, T.I. claimed his remarks were not about King Von. But, 50 isn’t buying it. 

“Don’t say that that’s not what that’s about, this just happened,” 50 continued to The Breakfast Club hosts. “Of course you didn’t put the name in it, you wanna backpedal out of it because you realized that’s not the right thing to say. And I’m not the fun police…. the timing is bad to say that.”

Watch 50 Cent’s full appearance on The Breakfast Club above. His comments about T.I. begin about 12 minutes into the clip.

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