Friday, July 1, 2022

The God Good Remix Story Starring Full Force, Faith Evans & Sheila E featuring Uncle Reece / WATCH

*All right y’all. Just released, a hot brand new inspirational soul stirring up tempo remix single by Full Force featuring Faith Evans, Sheila E and Uncle Reece entitled “I’m God Good (God’s Always Grindin Remix),” produced By Full Force & D-Fyne. It’s on Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify and other digital outlets all over the world.

This song’s origin comes from Sloan Kettering Cancer Hospital in New York City where Paul Anthony of Full Force wrote the song in his hospital bed while undergoing chemo treatment while fighting for his life dealing with mantle cell lymphoma.

The original song before the remix is entitled I Feel good, I Look Good & I’m God good. Faith Evans and Sheila E jumped on the song with their talents and also because of their love in their hearts. The song comes from Full force’s All Star Album entitled>With Love From Their Friends which features over 30 guest artists. The album was also dedicated to Paul’s Anthony’s cancer champion journey and foundation. You can click this link ( ) to preview the all star album which features such guests as Tevin Campbell, Big Daddy Kane, Raphael Saadiq, Shanice, Cheryl Pepsii Riley, Meli’sa Morgan, Omari Hardwick doing spoken word & others.

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Full Force also did an official video for the God Good original song as well which included Faith Evans, Sheila E & The God Good Choir with cameos by Will Smith, Anthony Anderson, Common, Quincy Jones, Donnie McClurkin, 5O Cent, the Braxtons, Chubb Rock, Nile Rodgers,Roland Martin, The God Good Choir & Biz Markie>(Get Well Biz as we keep praying for his healing & recuperation as he deals with a diabetes related situation in the hospital.)

Paul Anthony is cancer free now, 7 years and counting. Besides Paul’s bravery, strength, positivity & unwavering faith in god right from the beginning when he was diagnosed, he ultimately had to undergo a stem cell bone marrow transplant with his blood brother Bowlegged Lou when he was fighting for his life. Lou was his 10 for 10 >100% blood match.

Paul needed 6 million stem cells in order to survive and surprisingly Lou was able to give his brother 9 million stem cells instead of 6 million as he became a conduit from God to help save his brother’s life. Props to Dr Sauter and Dr Hamlin and all the other docs & nurses.

Paul also has always had the support & tremendous love from his Wife Michelle & his children> Symphony, PJ,Bree,Sidtea & Tracy along with his Mother & late Father, his brothers B-Fine & Lou along with all his family & friends and of course Full Force.

Bow Legged Lou Faith Evans Paul Anthony
Bow Legged Lou Faith Evans Paul Anthony

Sheila E & Full Force - 20201105_162104
Sheila E & the Full Force Brothers (Bowlegged Lou, Paul Anthony & B-Fine)

Uncle Reece - 20201106_141739
Uncle Reece

All of that was the inspiration behind Full Force’s song>I Feel Good, I Look Good & I’m God Good which yielded the just released Hot Up-Tempo remix single entitled> I’m God Good (God’s Always Grindin Remix) Both versions are on sale now on Full Force’s label Forceful Music distributed by Sony Music & The Orchard-Sony through Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify and All Digital Outlets while being blessed by Kobalt Music Publishing and BMI.

Other Full Force,/Forceful music out now on All Digital platforms are>1.Crazy Bout TheTik Tok by Full Force with Paul Anthony & Brian Inerfeld / 2.Bring It By Dalla Villa & Paul Anthony of Full Force/3.What’s Come Over Me By Mel Holder & Chris Curry with Paul Anthony of Full Force/ 4.Doing Wrong & 5.Put Down The Guns by Ambassador Masters/ 6.Love of The Hero (2 mixes>videos & version dedicated to First Responders & a version dedicated to Kobe Bryant) performed by Full Force featuring Brian Inerfeld/ 7.Baddest Chick by Full Force & Force MD’s/ 8.Just Because by Full Force & Allure/

Shout out to the God Good & FF Promo Squad Supporters>Wade “Lion” Lindwedal,Terance Tee Williams,AD aka Anthony Dougherty,Rich Rescigno,Xanda Tonge,Denise Smith,Greg Silva,Donna Knight,Paula Katsikas,Regina Hall,Troy Hughes, Anwar Berry, Joe “The Mazz” Mazzaferro & all other FF behind the scenes and in front of the scenes supporters. APPRECIATION FOREVER.





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