Monday, August 8, 2022

Mel B’s Money is Funny – Wants More Child Support from Eddie Murphy

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Mel B, Angel Iris Murphy, Eddie Murphy

*Apparently Mel B is experiencing financial issues that have caused her to look to Eddie Murphy for more child support.

The 45-year-old Spice Girls singer, who is mother to Murphy’s 13-year-old daughter Angel Iris Murphy, has asked for the superstar actor’s financial records so she can assess what he pays her monthly to cover costs for their kid, according to court document filed earlier this month.

“Eddie and Melanie have both established careers in the entertainment industry,” her lawyers write in the new documents. “Melanie is a singer, songwriter and television personality. Eddie is a legendary comedian and actor.

“Until recently, Melanie has been fortunate in her career to sustain a comfortable lifestyle for herself and Angel. Unfortunately, Melanie’s income has dramatically reduced, such that she must consider modifying child support for the first time.”

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Mel B’s representatives insist she made “numerous efforts to resolve this case without court intervention without any success,” adding, “Melanie was left with no choice but to file this.”

Murphy previously agreed to pay Mel B $25,000 per month in child support, as well as Angel’s health insurance and a contribution to her education.

Angel is one of Eddie’s nine kids, who range in age from 22 months to 31.




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