Saturday, June 19, 2021

Racist Jet Blue Passenger Goes on Long, Loud N-word Rant; It Doesn’t End Well for Him / WATCH

Jet Blue passenger screaming nigger - main (King_Meka - Twitter)
Unidentified Jet Blue passenger repeatly screaming “nigger” – (King_Meka – Twitter)

*The story we’re about to tell you is true. It’s the tale of a another white racist who couldn’t handle the smallest bit of reality, all while, we might add, he was wearing a Burger King crown.

The absolute insanity went down earlier this week in Jamaica as a Jet Blue flight to JFK in New York City was preparing to depart from Kingston. According to reports, a man initially got aggravated when he was told there was no more overhead space for his bag, and began cussing loudly as he walked to his seat which was bed enough.

But then he really went HAM when he got into it with a nearby female passenger over seating assignments. Check out the videos below.

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As you can see, while screaming at the top of his voice, he’s not only accusing the woman of assaulting him, he’s also, for no reason at all (at least to us) repeatedly using the n-word and expletives while morphing into a complete ass.

The a-hole’s rant went on so long, other passengers got enraged and it escalated to violence. While he was being held back by several flight attendants, a male passenger charges and throws a punch. He wasn’t alone, as other passengers took physical shots at him during the chaos.

Lawd hav’ mercy! Anyhoo, it took a minute, but eventually (Black) Kingston cops escorted the guy off the plane in handcuffs (oh, the irony). It’s unclear if he, or any other passenger, was charged with a crime.




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