Saturday, September 18, 2021

Jeannie Mai WANTS to be Submissive in Marriage to Jeezy & Doesn’t Care What YOU Think / Watch

*It’s 2020 and when TV host Jeannie Mai made the statement that when she marries rapper Jeezy, she’s going to submit to him, it naturally freaked a lot of folks out.

“The actual definition of submit is to accept or yield to a superior force or to the authority or will of another person. I’m gonna say right here, that I Jeannie Mai, going into my marriage, I want to submit to my man.”

That what Mai said earlier this week and she got a lot of incoming for her remarks from haters on social media. Tamron Hall even asked her about it and here’s Mai’s response:

“Well for me, submit does not mean that you are lower or less important than your man. Of course, [Jeezy] and I respect each other very equally. What I mean is in my work life, in my actual life, I own my businesses, I run my team, I make all of the decisions and I lead entirely in the outside of my life.”

The co-host of ‘The Real,’ added:

“So in my home, I want my man to lead. I want him to take in what I would like and what my wishes are, what my dreams are, and then incorporate it, making the overall decision that’s best for our vision together.”

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When asked by Hall about the negative comments she’s receiving, Jeezy’s future wife swore she’ could care less.

“Girl, I am 41, I don’t care what kind of pushback I get from other women out there. This is my life and you know coming out of divorce and also making a major decision to marry again after being blessed to fall in love and finding such a beautiful person, I want to be very clear and open about how our life can be so that we make sure that our vision is aligned and that we both are empathetic to each other and know that this is the structure we’re going into.”

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