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Shannon Jackson (‘The People’s Nurse’) Cares for Seniors with Free Catered Lunch Giveaway

Shannon Jackson1
Shannon Jackson

*(LOS ANGELES) – The podcast host of Living Your Life Without Limits (LYLWL), Shannon Jackson, aka ‘The People’s Nurse’ and a prominent advocate of the community, has partnered with a local Carson, California church, Prevailing In Christ Ministries, through founder Pastor Michael J. Ealey, to broadcast her third Street Love episode on September 19 when she catered 60 free lunches to 60 pre-selected seniors from the church; in recognition of September being National Fall Prevention Awareness Month. This special event will be co-hosted with entertainer Larry ‘Lala’ Lanehart.

“I so look forward to us giving back to our seniors.” True to her motto with a focus on the welfare of the community, “It is my mission to help and to serve others,” Jackson now expands her public reach with the care items found inside her special package to seniors, next to their free lunch. These care items will include: non-skid socks, a pill organizer, and educational material regarding medication safety and fall risk awareness.

Ever the consummate People’s Nurse, it is Jackson’s continued mission to perpetuate her special gifting to the community with more wellness love as part of her important philanthropic work. A takeoff from her LYLWL podcast, which airs weekly on Saturdays at 9:00am PST, Jackson goes even further to the people of the community with her recently launched Street Love events; complete with more free giveaways from the good Samaritan host.

Her first Street Love event took place as a July 4th celebration in Compton, with her second Street Love follow-up taking place last month in Watts. In her ongoing effort through her LYLWL Foundation, Jackson looks to reach new levels of support doing what she does best – showing more community love.

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Welcome sponsor donations allow the host to include more specialty care items inside her giveaway packages, including her new Wellness Box, coming to inner-city neighborhoods with more ‘give’ from the host – with the sole purpose of keeping the community healthy and thriving. Her debut Wellness Box currently includes this healthy offering:

  • FirstAid Kit
  • WellnessJournal
  • LYLWL Ink Pen
  • Thermometer
  • BloodPressure Wristband
  • CustomizedBox
  • Shredded Box Filler
  • LYLWLCandle
  • Matches
  • BloodPressure Magnet

For the faith-based Jackson, who is also a motivational speaker and a certified life coach, her dedicated focus continues to be on heartfelt inspirational leadership, mentoring and coaching.

Recognized as a ‘Life Coach for the Covid Era,’ Jackson is a Registered Nurse with a multi-faceted career in healthcare. She thrives in helping people to get past their struggles with uncertainty, loneliness, depression and anxiety through her widely embraced podcast; where she further talks about her return from a two-month ‘tour of duty’ in New York’s Covid-19 hospital wards. There she witnessed first-hand the pandemic’s effect on people from all walks of life and especially how the outbreak has challenged people’s mental wellness.

Jackson’s special outreach message, first through her LYLWL podcast and now poised with her monthly Street Love community events, has continued to garner groundswell momentum with an organic escalating base, further signifying a clear and present public thirst for more of her inspirational support – motivation and wellness turned into more Jackson feel-good giving. Her timely and popular podcast, LYLWL, which launched in January of this year has steadily flourished with a current loyal audience following of approximately 5,000 globally; an increase of about 1,000 from the previous month, with a further increase of another 1,000 in the month before when she was at 3,000 followers at the time of launching her first Street Love event in July.

More About the ‘Living Your Life Without Limits’ Podcast

In every LYLWL episode, Jackson reflects on real-world situations and provides actionable advice to help her listeners enrich their lives, as she is joined by special guests in her insightful conversations. “My weekly wellness dose is here to help heal and overcome where needed,” states Jackson. The altruist host’s unique and all-inclusive platform offers unlimited sharing through her engaging style – a mix of deep soulful insights and inspiration gained from her revered background in healthcare as fans continue to flock to her podcast and take from each episode what serves them individually.

Through Jackson’s repurposed mission, from nurse to inspirational speaker, podcast host and community philanthropist, she turns her newly amassed platform into a devout calling for reaching more people.

“We do it all for the community,” states Jackson. “And we look forward to turning ‘Street Love’ into a long-embraced traditional event that benefits more people.”

Join Jackson’s continued initiative to make a difference.

More About Shannon Jackson

For almost 30 years, S hannon Jackson, RN, PHN, CLC, BSN, MAOM**, has built her Leadership and Mentoring reputation on gentle and effective caring; as further reflected through her life coaching, public speaking, entrepreneurship, and now as host of her own motivational podcast, Living Your Life Without Limits. She works hard in her diverse and many roles, committing herself on a daily basis to make an essential difference in people’s lives. Throughout her career, she has accrued a variety of skills that empower her to provide healthcare well beyond the norm, setting a higher standard for those around her. As a result of being a deep motivational speaker, a true thought-leader of our time focused on caregiving, that when faced with challenges she encounters and overcomes them head-on with vigor and ferocity. Her philosophy and core values are firmly based on accountability; making herself a prime example for anyone who is looking to thrive in their lives. Next to her innovative Living Your Life Without Limits podcast and public speaking events, Jackson also has her own store bringing message-inspired items to her loyal fans: G et your Feel-Good shop on!





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