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Ciara Reflects On Giving Birth During COVID-19 Pandemic / WATCH



Ciara - screenshot

*Is there anything Ciara can’t do?!

The music superstar and new WW ambassador shares exclusively with Access Hollywood’s Kit Hoover how she’s keeping her fitness goals on lock while adjusting to life as a mom of three.

Ciara says she, husband Russell Wilson and their little ones are having the time of their lives, especially now with newborn son Win having joined the household!

The “Rooted” singer also reflects on being pregnant and giving birth during the COVID-19 pandemic and how “awesome” Russell was in the delivery room.

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Beastie Boys, for First Time Ever, Licenses Song for Commercial Use…for Joe Biden (Watch Ad )




“The Blind Pig” campaign ad for Joe Biden

*The Beastie Boys had never before licensed any of their songs for an ad until this presidential election.

During Sunday’s Steelers/Browns game, their 1994 classic “Sabotage” was featured in a spot for the campaign of Democratic nominee Joe Biden. The ad focuses on how the COVID-19 shutdowns have decimated the live music industry. It highlights a club in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the Blind Pig, that remains shuttered after a 50-year run as a pillar of the community. The owner blames its closing on what he considers Donald Trump’s shortsighted response to the coronavirus crisis.

According to Variety, a Biden campaign spokesperson said the Beastie Boys, who had “never licensed music for an ad until now,” agreed to the use of “Sabotage” in the spot “because of the importance of the election.

The song begins about 40 seconds into the 60-second spot, allowing the climactic appearance of Biden and running mate Kamala Harris in masks to appear as if they were part of the classic Spike Jonez video.

According to Variety,

The late Adam Yauch stipulated in his will that the music he was involved in creating could not be used for product advertising purposes. The group has sued Monster Energy and GoldieBox for using their songs in the past. They have allowed “Sabotage” to be used in trailers for “Star Trek” and the “Destiny 2” videogame.

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How Much Did Trump Put in the Collection Bucket at a Las Vegas Church? (Watch)




Donald Trump prepares to drop a fist full of $20s into the collection plate at a Las Vegas Church – Oct. 18, 2020

*Somebody with a camera zoomed in on President Trump during collection time at a Las Vegas church, and the video has gone viral.

During a pro-Trump service at the International Church of Las Vegas, Trump is shown in the video fidgeting and folding his arms while waiting for the bucket to come his way. He then placed what witnesses called a handful of $20 bills into the bucket.

Church leader Denise Goulet told the congregation at one point, “The Lord said, ‘he is ready for the next four years and he will have a second wind.”

The service also featured music performances with a band on stage and members twirling U.S. flags. The event began a busy day for Trump.

Watch his collection moment below, beginning at the 1:29 mark:

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Black Scholars Form Group to Counter Election Myths & Misinformation on Social Media (Video)




Jessica Ann Mitchell Aiwuyor

*A group of Black scholars and activists have banded together to rebuke misinformation, alternative facts, and other means of dissuading African Americans from voting in the 2020 presidential election.

The National Black Cultural Information Trust, a Pan-African initiative led by Washington, D.C.-based cultural communications specialist Jessica Ann Mitchell Aiwuyor, aims to counter fake social media accounts that often discourage Black voters from participating in elections.

“The disinformation used to target Black communities is cultural,” Aiwuyor said, according to “It’s cultural disinformation, which uses cultural issues to infuse false information and cause confusion.”

Aiwuyor, who holds a bachelor’s degree in African World Studies, a Master of Arts in Pan African Studies, and a Master of Science, noted that fake or covert social media accounts that purport to be behind the American Descendants of Slavery – or ADOS – movement had prodded voters of color to skip the 2020 election. Aiwuyor pointed out one example of the misinformation: how social media used the ADOS hashtag to claim that immigrants, not police officers, were to blame for George Floyd’s death. Four police officers face murder, manslaughter, and aiding and abetting charges in the death of Floyd in May in Minneapolis.

The scholars and activists have pledged to monitor social media posts and flag those spreading misleading and fake stories.

“Black voters continue to face enormous hurdles in the U.S. electoral process. Voter disenfranchisement and suppression are at an all-time high, and this includes poll taxes, polling station closures in Black neighborhoods, voters abruptly removed from the rolls, gerrymandering, strict voter-id and registration laws, and much more,” said Aiwuyor.

Watch a report about The National Black Cultural Information Trust and an interview with Aiwuyor below:

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