Monday, April 19, 2021

Halle Berry’s ‘Bruised’ Coming Soon from Netflix … it Appears

*Academy-award-winning actress Halle Berry and Netflix are in the final stages of talks pertaining to worldwide distribution rights to Berry’s mixed martial arts (MMA) drama “Bruised.”

According to credible entertainment platforms, the streaming giant Netflix and Berry are close to sealing the deal which is reported at $20 million.

“Bruised” will be Berry’s directorial debut.  The film’s debut screened virtually at the Toronto International Film Festival during the weekend of September 11 -13.

In addition to directing “Bruised,” Berry portrays Jackie “Justice” in the film, who TIFF’s website describes as a “washed-up mixed martial arts fighter, who’s struggling for redemption as both an athlete and a mother.”

Faced with numerous situations confronting her life – the past and present – the MMA fighter decides to fight again for a title, to regain dignity and correct the wrongs of the past, which included walking away from her young son.

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Halle Berry in Bruised - TIFF - image
Courtesy TIFF (Toronto Film Festival)

During the filming of “Bruised,” Berry was injured and the film’s production in a Newark, New Jersey gym was temporarily halted because the actress reportedly had two broken ribs.

“I didn’t want to stop because I had prepared for so long,“ said Berry. “We had rehearsed; we were ready.  I’m going to will myself through it.  And so we did.”

The film executive producer is Brian Pitts.  Producers include Basil Iwanyk, Brad Feinstein, Guymon Casady, Erica Lee, Paris Kassidokostas-Latsis, Terry Dougas, Linda Gottlieb, and Gillian Hormel.

For Berry, the veteran actress is excited for this different type of role in her illustrious career.  “I am speechless,” Berry said on Twitter.  “Thank you, Netflix, for believing in my vision.”

Lest you recall, notes UrbanHollywood411, that Berry was injured while filming a fight scene for Bruised in November 2019. Production at a gym in Newark, New Jersey was briefly delayed to give the actress time to recover. The film’s executive producer, Brian Pitt, said at the time, “She’s tired. She needed a break.”



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