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Kierra Sheard on Fatphobia and Body Shaming in the Music Industry



Kierra Sheard
Kierra Sheard

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

*Kierra Sheard has opened up about fatphobia in the music industry, recalling a specific experience that almost caused her to walk away from her career. 

“I think the year was 2004. I was like a sophomore or junior in high school, and I used to be over 300 pounds. I remember I was trying to get signed to this record label; they basically said I looked like the Pillsbury doughboy and I shouldn’t shoot full-body images. So every time they encouraged me to do shoots from the waist up,” she said during an interview with Page Six.

She also recalled an audition for a Broadway show and met with “really hard, deep words—like they wanted to leave me broken…They did not care about my feelings or me being a human…It’s been over 15 years and the words still haunt me.”

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In related news, Sheard previously opened up to Page Six about a toxic relationship.

“I kept being cheated on, and I think I was most affected because I was so intimately involved. I was giving so much to a boyfriend expecting him to be as loyal to me as I was to him. I mean, you talk about reality TV? If I had a reality show, I would have so much drama for you to watch every week. I was cussing, cutting, I was pulling up. I remember I followed my boyfriend, and he got out somewhere, and I tried to run him over with my car.”

It wasn’t until her mother stepped in to offer some sound advice that she was able to change her perspective. 

“They told me I need to get involved with people who have just as much to lose as I do . . . I can’t let no man’s private parts drive me up a wall to where I lose everything just for that emotional connection to them,” Sheard said. 

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The Journal of Steffanie Rivers: Kobe Bryant’s In-Laws Fighting Over His Money



Vanessa Bryant - Kobe - Sofia Laine1-gettyimages-499325360-825x580

*There’s a lot of conversation in the Black community about using our collective power to demand what’s rightfully owed to us.

Whether that comes in the form of monetary reparations from the federal government, using our political power to pass favorable legislation and to stop legalized genocide done by bully, liar, killer cops. Most of the time the conversation focuses on getting what’s owed to us!

What about millionaire Black people who create generational wealth, but get involved in interracial marriages? Marrying the wrong person can be just as detrimental as never creating wealth.

When NBA legend Kobe Bryant was killed last January in a helicopter crash with eight other people – one of those people being his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna – I had planned to wait a respectful amount of time before I mentioned the fact that Kobe’s multi-million dollar empire was going to be under the control of his Latina wife, Vanessa, after his death. The chance of the wealth he created as a professional athlete and a successful businessman after he retired being used to improve the Black community went from slim to none, because of who he chose to marry.

Due to the corona-virus pandemic I forgot about it. Then came recent news about the family feud between Kobe’s widow and his mother-in-law over that multi-million dollar empire Bryant left behind after his unexpected death.

DID U C THIS: Doc Rivers and the LA Clipper Part Ways After ‘Mutual’ Decision

Kobe speaks to wife daughrt & mom-in-law - Getty - 33481448-8759931-image-a-6_1600780209399

It is not clear what may have caused the apparent rift between Bryant and her mom, who was spotted regularly with the family when Kobe and Gianna were alive. Sofia is with the Bryants supporting Kobe at a 2015 game

Kobe’s mother in law, Sophia Laine, did a videotaped interview accusing her daughter, Kobe’s widow, of throwing her out of the house and re-possesing the car they had gifted her. Vanessa claimed, for the past 20 years she and Kobe had been paying her mother a monthly stipend, paid for an apartment for her mom to live in and a car for her mom to drive. But let’s be clear about one thing: Whatever money Vanessa’s mom was living on was Kobe’s money. A Black man’s money!

When Kobe met Vanessa she was still in high school. They met on the set of a video shoot. He already was a pro-baller, about 20 years old. When they got married she was fresh out of high school – not college – high school! She went from her mother’s house to Kobe’s mansion.

Although Vanessa’s mom might have approved of her teen-aged daughter marrying a Black man with millions of dollars, Kobe’s parents did not approve. At 21, Kobe’s parents, Joe and Patricia Bryant, thought he was too young for marriage. And they did it without a prenuptial agreement. She had nothing to offer him but a cute face and a slim waist. He had, well, everything to offer her. That’s not to say she was a gold digger, because Gold diggers come in all cultures and colors. I don’t know either of them personally.

I just want us to keep in mind that when we become fortunate enough to create enough money that can be considered as generational wealth, we should be more discriminate about who we marry and who we have babies with. Kobe and Vanessa had four children together.

Even though they were married for about 20 years before he was killed. Kobe’s relationship with his parents became distant after he married Vanessa. That probably turned out to be detrimental to Kobe in his remaining years, and it possibly kept Vanessa from having a better respect for African-American culture and the importance of generational wealth in our community. It’s the consequence of committing to inter-racial relationships.

And if you’re someone with celebrity status you have to ask yourself if your significant other wants you for what you have or for who you are? If you’re unsure keep looking. If you are serious about created generational wealth for your family or your community make sure your significant other feels the same way and will respect your wishes once you pass on.

Steffanie Rivers (screenshot1)

Steffanie Rivers

Steffanie Rivers is a freelance journalist living in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex. Email her at [email protected] with comments, questions or speaking inquiries. Friend her on Facebook/StefanieRivers. Follow her on Twitter @tcbstef and on [email protected]

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NeNe Leakes Says Wendy Williams is ‘On Cocaine’ and Slams ‘Racist’ Andy Cohen Following RHOA Exit




wendy williams, nene leakes

*NeNe Leakes took to Twitter to lash out at Andy Cohen and Wendy Williams after they discussed her “Real Housewives of Atlanta” departure on “Watch What Happens Live” on Sunday.

Leakes did not mention their name in her series of tweets, but it was clear who her fury was direct at.

“Both are f their ratings are LOW! Bye QUEENS,” Leakes tweeted on Sunday. She then added, “She on cocaine so they should stop using her to talk! They both need my help with their poor ratings.”

She also advised Cohen to “Keep trying me sir and imma let the world know who you really are” and “The racist is the master manipulator! They using me for ratings like they have always done.”

“I will ALWAYS eat and eat good!” Leakes added. “Believe that. I have ALWAYS believed in multiple streams of income so the leakes are good you ole cocaine head and you ole racist. No one knew you until YOU knew me. Remember I’m ICON. Don’t forget.”

READ MORE: RHOA Star Nene Leakes Claims Bravo ‘Forced’ Her Out of Show: ‘They Definitely Did’

Leakes also retweeted a clip of the “WWHL” episode alongside a fan’s comment that said, “Andy is THE biggest Gaslighter in all the Land of Housewives. I want to hear what @NeNeLeakes knows. #secrets #WWHL #BravoTV #RHOA.”

She then claimed that “systemic racism” played a part in her parting ways with Bravo.

“We strictly talking the OG’s. I was the ONLY BLACK OG,” she tweeted. “My white counter parts were elevated and given full season episodes EVERY season. Each season i was given less & less. Don’t ask me, @ Andy and @ Bravo and ask them why,” she wrote. 

Leakes was seemingly cool with the racism brewing at Bravo all those years they were cutting her a check. Now that she’s off the show, she’s singing (or crying racism) like a canary. 

We previously reported… when a fan asked if a Leakes spinoff series is in the works, the reality TV star said of Bravo, “They don’t think I deserve to work at all in any [capacity].”

“It sound[s] like they forced you out!” another fan said, and Leakes responded: “They definitely did.”

Her comments come weeks after NeNe Leakes revealed she will not be appearing on the upcoming 13th season of RHOA. In case you missed it, check out her video announcemnt below. 

Meanwhile, Williams suggested that any spinoffs about Leakes would be “boring,” Page Six reports.

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BLIND ITEM: Murder For Hire



blind item

Man_silhouette-blind item

*The following Blind Item comes from Hollywood insider Enty Lawyer. Please address all inquiries and complaints to the original source.

This permanent A list singer thought he met the love of his life. She had previously been married and was wealthy. She hobnobbed with big celebrities who adored her. Our singer was head over heels in love. He moved into her home. Soon after moving in, our singer signed an agreement which allowed his girlfriend to manage him. It was a very one sided contract in favor of the girlfriend, but the singer was in love and thought it was fine. It was fine until he realized just how much money the girlfriend was making off him. 

She refused to renegotiate the contract. She refused to terminate the contract. So, our singer arranged to be out of town and had a mafia hit man murder the girlfriend at point blank range in the driveway of the girlfriend. There was someone with the girlfriend who was spared but remained silent for the rest of their life about who they saw pull the trigger. 

Can you name the (old school) singer?

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