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Kierra Sheard on Fatphobia and Body Shaming in the Music Industry

Kierra Sheard
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*Kierra Sheard has opened up about fatphobia in the music industry, recalling a specific experience that almost caused her to walk away from her career. 

“I think the year was 2004. I was like a sophomore or junior in high school, and I used to be over 300 pounds. I remember I was trying to get signed to this record label; they basically said I looked like the Pillsbury doughboy and I shouldn’t shoot full-body images. So every time they encouraged me to do shoots from the waist up,” she said during an interview with Page Six.

She also recalled an audition for a Broadway show and met with “really hard, deep words—like they wanted to leave me broken…They did not care about my feelings or me being a human…It’s been over 15 years and the words still haunt me.”

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In related news, Sheard previously opened up to Page Six about a toxic relationship.

“I kept being cheated on, and I think I was most affected because I was so intimately involved. I was giving so much to a boyfriend expecting him to be as loyal to me as I was to him. I mean, you talk about reality TV? If I had a reality show, I would have so much drama for you to watch every week. I was cussing, cutting, I was pulling up. I remember I followed my boyfriend, and he got out somewhere, and I tried to run him over with my car.”

It wasn’t until her mother stepped in to offer some sound advice that she was able to change her perspective. 

“They told me I need to get involved with people who have just as much to lose as I do . . . I can’t let no man’s private parts drive me up a wall to where I lose everything just for that emotional connection to them,” Sheard said. 

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