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The Pulse of Entertainment: Christian Hip-Hop’s Cory Walker aka CYB says ‘Today We Ready’ on New CD

Cory Walker aka CYB releases 5th studio album.

*On stage Christian Hip-Hop’s Cory Walker is CYB, stands for Count Your Blessings, and in September he releases a new project titled “Today We Ready.” He is currently promoting the title track as the first single.

“It’s my fifth album,” CYB said about the new project. “The other four I did for a passion, a ministry thing. I’m more of a behind the scenes guy. This is me coming out of my shell. It was inspired by God. I have a passion for music…I want to be heard. So I’m taking baby steps.”

Cory aka CYB is an audio engineer, who has a passion for ministering God’s Word and for Hip-Hop music. As a music producer and audio engineer CYB has worked with many artists, resulting in the formation of the GospelBeats.com platform, to help highlight very active coming Christian/Gospel Hip-Hop acts. Cory said that listening to Hip-Hop became a problem for him when he dedicated his life to Christ, but now he is home in Hip-Hop through Contemporary Gospel music.

“I use to listen to the radio for hours just to hear one Gospel song,” Cory said about Gospel songs on mainstream radio. “They separated Gospel. After the 90s Gospel went supper commercial. It’s still Hip-Hop, but it’s Gospel Hip-Hop.”

It was at that point that Walker could now embrace Hip-Hop music, through Gospel Hip-Hop or what’s called Contemporary Gospel.

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About the title track “Today We Ready” he said, “I believe God inspired the song. It came to me in a dream. The dream actually had the hook. I woke up and said, ‘Let me do this song.’ I gave it to this guy and said this is how it sounds and he created a beat.”

Count Your Blessings said not only did God inspire the title track but also inspired him to get uncomfortable by leaving behind the scenes for the spotlight to not only spread his ministry but his style of Christian Hip-Hop music.

“I’m putting myself out there. I created this song called ‘About Me’ it’s my story…an uncomfortable thing to do,” he said about one of the songs on the upcoming “Today We Ready” album.

Some of the Hip-Hop Christian Gospel artists highlighted at his GospelBeats.com platform include Tyrek Gaskins aka TYG – a rapper; Tim Logan aka Jentile – a performer/singer/rapper; Ashley Lewis aka Flo – a rapper; J. Walker – rapper; DJ I Rock Jesus – DJ and syndicated radio host; Minister Taf – performer/singer/rapper; Okiemute Willz – singer/actor; Feed’em – rapper; Jude Samuel Merat – singer; Shekinah Bryant – singer, and Leah Chris – singer. CYB’s first four albums were “The Playlist,” “Diary of a Christian,” “Give Him Praise,” and “Pray Over Everything.” His “Today We Ready” project includes eight singles. Aside from the title track and “About Me,” singles also include “Protector,” “Talk Jesus,” “Christ Driven,” “Coming Home,” “Him Alone,” and “Me and You.” www.GospelBeats.com www.DevineJamz.net/cyb/

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