Wednesday, April 21, 2021

New STEVE on Watch Episode w/ Infamous Wedding Protest Couple – WATCH NOW!

*A special new STEVE on Watch interview featuring Kerry-Anne and Michael Gordon, the couple whose wedding photos during a Black Lives Matter protest went viral, is AVAILABLE NOW on Facebook Watch.

In the interview, Steve and the newlywed couple discuss what led up to their epic photos, what that powerful moment within the Black Lives Matter protest felt like, and more.

Watch the new episode above.

Highlights from the episode include:

  • On how their iconic picture during a Black Lives Matter protest occurred:
    • “All I wanted, Steve, was a selfie! If I could just have a picture with a sign, with a protestor behind that says I saw it, I was very close to it.” – Kerry-Anne Gordon
    • “That’s when everything changed…people were so excited, and energetic, and filled with love that they just completely encircled me…as they’re chanting ‘Black Lives Matter, Black Loves Matter’” – Kerry-Anne Gordon
    • “In that moment I was solely focused on Kerry, but I could feel this energy and vibration around me from all these people…a mixed race of people! African American was not the majority. And I was like ‘Wow…that is beautiful.’” – Michael Gordon
    • “What we felt that moment, it was like…what we just had right there it felt so good…even our wedding could not replace what we just felt there in that moment.” – Michael Gordon
  • Steve’s closing thoughts for the newlyweds: 
    • “You all were placed in a moment in time that will mark your wedding day as something so memorable…so you all have to stay together. You do know that!” – Steve Harvey

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