Sunday, October 2, 2022

Apple TV+ ‘Little Voice’ Star Brittany O’Grady Talks Supporting Dark Skin Black Women

*”Little Voice on Apple TV+ stars Brittany O’Grady (STAR) as Bess King, an aspiring singer-songwriter who is searching for her big break in between working at a bar, teaching music, walking dogs and caring for a younger brother on the spectrum in New York City.

Bess is trapped by self-doubt, after being booed off the stage during one of her earlier performances and is trying to balance it all. The series was created by GRAMMY award-winning musician Sara Bareilles and veteran TV executive producer J.J. Abrams (‘Felicity.’)

O’Grady talked with EURweb correspondent Jill Munroe about her new role, overcoming moments of insecurity in her personal life and why she feels it is important to make space for dark skin Black women in the entertainment industry.

“I think it is super important. I’m a Black/ biracial girl who didn’t wear my blackness on my skin. So there have been so many times in my life where people didn’t know I was Black, and said racist stuff. It hurts me, it hurts where I come from. It hurts my mother, it hurts my grandmother, my existence. And they just don’t know because I look the way I do.

The one thing I loved about STAR was that I was able to play my ethnicity for the first time, instead of racially ambiguous or Latina. Watching my darker skin sisters and brother- I have family members who are all different shades – I know that they have experienced racism to a gravity that I have not experienced. So, it’s important for me to stand up. It took me being in really conservative spaces, to feel the weight and gravity of racism. Getting out of my little bubble of Arlington, VA., which is very diverse. That’s been a journey. European beauty standards should not be a beauty standard for dark skin women, for Asian women, for Hispanic women, for indigenous women. We come in all different shades. Beauty is not one race.”

“Little Voice” debuts on Apple TV+ Friday, July 10 with three episodes.




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