Saturday, September 25, 2021

Brooklyn Court Officer Suspended Over Meme Showing Barack Obama Being Lynched

Sgt. Terri Pinto Napolitano Facebook
Sgt. Terri Pinto Napolitano Facebook

*A Brooklyn court officer has been suspended for posting images that depict Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton being lynched. 

Sgt. Terri Pinto Napolitano has been stripped of her gun and is currently under investigation over the now-deleted post on her Facebook page. As reported by the New York Post, the disturbing image was titled “The True American Dream,” and shows Obama hanging from a rope, with the words “We Will Not Yield” and “Your day is coming TRAITOR!”

The second photo shows Clinton being walked to the gallows with the words “IT’S NOT OVER TILL THE FAT LADY SWINGS.”

Check out the images below. 

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Terri Pinto Napolitano
via Twitter

“This conduct is abhorrent, by anyone, at any time, and under any circumstances,” said New York Chief Judge Janet DiFiore. “But at this critical moment in our history — when our nation is reeling from the death of George Floyd and its aftermath — it is a sickening and unpardonable offense against every colleague in our court system, as well as the vast and diverse public we serve.”

“We assure you that we have already begun the process and will take every step within our power so that this conduct is condemned and punished appropriately.”

A spokesman for the state Office of Court Administration has confirmed that “Sgt. Napolitano has been suspended for 30 days” and “had her gun taken” pending the investigation. 

One Twitter user responded to the statement with, Suspended? Why wasn’t she fired and charged with a hate crime?

Another added, Terri Pinto Napolitano is trash and should be fired. She’s clearly not someone whose capable of doing their job without prejudice. If allowed back on the police force she would be a danger to all POC.

“She’s a disgrace,” said a former colleague of Napolitano. “Absolutely. You’re going to boroughs where minorities are trying to move ahead and you disgrace the shield. She should be fired.”

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