Monday, October 25, 2021

Umar Johnson: Why ‘White Allies’ Aren’t Storming Government Buildings to End Racism?


*Dr. Umar Johnson took to Instagram Live Sunday (May 31) to question why white people aren’t storming government buildings with rifles to end racism like they did to end the COVID-19 lockdowns.

“If these white folks who are marching with you care about you so much, why didn’t they storm their Capitols with rifles demanding an end to racism?” Johnson asked amid the ongoing protests over the death of George Floyd

“Why didn’t they do the same thing they did for COVID quarantine for black life injustice if they care about you so much?

“If they care about you so much, why didn’t they grab their rifles and shotguns and semi-automatics and go to the State Capitol of Pennsylvania, the State Capitol of Michigan, State Capitol of Minnesota, State Capitol of Georgia, the State Capitol of California?

“If they love y’all so much, why didn’t they do for you what they did for COVID quarantine?”

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Umar goes on to explain that he’s not down with marching with “allies” who aren’t really down for Black people, Gossip On This reports. 

Hear/watch Umar tell it in the clip above.

During his IG Live session, he also challenged White allies to protest in their own communities instead of Black communities.

And when it comes to the looters, Johnson noted his support of them by pointing out that America was built on stolen land and wars with other countries over resources.


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