Monday, January 25, 2021

Azealia Banks Slams Nicki Minaj Over Doja Cat Controversy + Claims Affair with Dave Chappelle [VIDEO]

Azealia Banks. Photo: Santiago Felipe/Getty Images Portrait

*Azealia Banks has taken aim at Nicki Minaj in a series of videos shared on Instagram, in which she also drags suspected white supremacist Doja Cat after her association with alt-right internet users was exposed. 

Banks latest controversial comments come a week after the huge success of Nicki and Doja’s “Say So” remix. Nicki hasn’t addressed the accusations of racism against the biracial singer/rapper, which Azealia finds quite hypocritical. In calling Nicki out over the issue, Azealia also fired shots at Cardi B

“Another thing that I find f*cking funny, is Nicki… for all the f*cking mouth you have for Cardi B for talking sh*t about black women, and now you quiet because you got your little number one with this white btch,” she said. “You a pussy ass bitch. OF*ck outta here. … You shoulda got right on that Queen Radio and you put that b*tch in the ground where she belongs. Put that bitch down in the f*cking South African emerald mine where the fuck that white bitch belongs.”

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The recent controversy surrounding Doja Cat centers on the racist remarks she has allegedly been posting for years  in “alt-right” community chat rooms. Doja, who’s mother is white and father is South African, also recorded a song that features a derogatory term used to mock Blacks who are victims of police brutality. 

Word on the curb is that one of Doja’s incels (incel = white males who are “involuntary celibates”) has videos of her naked and performing sex acts on herself while talking dirty to several users in the racist chat. 

“Now I’m looking back at it, you were just jealous of Cardi… She’s got more swag than you,” Banks continued. “You made a whole radio show about how Cardi B is bad for black women.”

She is calling on Nicki to appear on her Queen Radio show to tear down Doja just as she did to Cardi B. “I’m just very disappointed in you… You selling out, keeping quiet, Azealia added. 

Banks also made time to provoke some of the famous men she has had sexual relationships with, including Dave Chapelle

“I have actually fucked a lot of fucking very powerful f*cking men,” she continued, before shifting her attention to Dave Chappelle. “I should ruin your f*cking marriage, I should tell the world we fucked,” Banks said on her Instagram Story. “What the fuck I’m keeping secrets from y’all n***as for? Nah, Dave Chappelle can fuck me again. That was some good black dick.”

She went on to say that she has “got around,” and revealed that she hooked up with actor Adrian Grenier.

“Wow I just sucked a gay boy’s dick,” she said of the “Entourage” star 

After calling Chappelle a legend, she went on to slam rapper Dave East, calling him “a funny n***a too.”

“You’ve never been on a world tour,” she added.


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