Thursday, December 9, 2021

Lynn Toler on Why the Coronavirus Pandemic Will Lead to More Domestic Violence and Divorce

Lynn Toler - MBC
Judge Lynn Toler / ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ (We tv)

*Judge Lynn Toler has opened up about why she’s leaving the syndicated judge show “Divorce Court” after 13 years.

A new version of the series will see Judge Faith Jenkins behind the bench, but Toler wants folks to know that her departure from the series was “amicable”

“My contract was up,” she said during a recent interview, reports. “We were renegotiating. I wanted a different direction of the show. I liked the bench. I liked the robe.”

When the show moved to Atlanta for production in 2018, the courtroom make-over was a bit “too non-traditional for me,” Toler said.

“I couldn’t even cross my legs. Plus, the direction of the show was louder, crazier, goofier. They were pushing one thing. I was pushing another,” she added.

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Toler also noted that she and the Fox syndication executives didn’t vibe. So they ultimately decided to part ways.

“I had 13 years of making more money than I ever thought I would make. I hung on to it. I have options,” she said.

“I’m a tough chick,” she added. “I’m feeling really good where I am.”

When it comes to her successor, Toler has nothing but praise for Jenkins.

“She’ll be great,” she said.. “I liked her show ‘Judge Faith.’ Nice to have a fresh perspective. I wish her the best.”

As far as her next career move, Toler in no rush to make a decision right now.

“I know how to hang on to a dollar,” she said. “I live far beneath my means in Arizona. I downsized from a bigger house three years ago. I bought it in cash. I live in a regular neighborhood and am happy as a pig in slop.”

Judge Toler, like the rest of us, is practicing the stay-at-home orders amid the COVID-19 pandemic. But she also worries about victims of domestic violence under quarantine. 

“Domestic violence agencies have seen a significant downturn in calls,” Toler said. “Victims are stuck in their homes. They can’t go anywhere. This lack of contact is worrisome.”

Toler, who has been married to her husband of 33 years, Eric Mumford, hasn’t vanished from television altogether. You can find her helping couples in turmoil on WE-TV’s “Marriage Boot Camp.” 

“The reality stars are always surprised by the emotional impact,” she said. “They talk about past trauma. Guys like Styles P start crying. It’s unacceptably real for them. Once they start to trust us, you break it down, and they value it at the end.”

She also expalined why the most recent season has been her favorite to date.

“The cast members got along,” she said. “It was wondering seeing the older couples helping the younger ones. Sometimes, the cast fights the process. They’ll say, ‘I didn’t sign up for this.’ But they should. It’s not like we stormed their house and arrested them and brought them here. It’s a gig. Pull yourself together!” 

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